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Belize Ruins Map

A Guide to Visiting Mayan Ruins in Belize

This Mayan ruins map is essential if you are planning a self-guided tour of the Mayan ruins in Belize. Many of our guests use one of our Belize adventure vacations as a nucleus of a longer vacation, extending their stay either before or after their trip with us. The information provided on the Things to Do in Belize page will help with Belize trip planning.

Use this Belize Mayan ruins map in conjunction with our instructions on how to organize your own tour of Belize Mayan ruins, or use it to locate a series of guided tours. Although it is not essential to hire a guide to take you to the ruins (and if on a budget, visiting ruins in Belize with a map can cut down a lot on costs), we do recommend once you are there to hire a guide if this service is offered at that ruin. It is often VERY affordable to do it this way, and it is well worth it, you will get much more out of your visit. Many times your guide will be of Mayan descent as well. And you can congratulate yourself on helping out someone who really needs it.

For an even more detailed Belize map, visit another page on our site.