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Isolate from isolation on our off-grid all-inclusive Belize eco-island.


to Belize

How can we claim to be one of the top resorts in Belize? Our all-inclusive resort focuses on water sports, and we have more sports gear, with expert instruction, than any other Belize caye in the country.

Travel to Belize to learn how to sea kayak, surf kayak, paddleboard, fish from a kayak, windsurf, kitesurf, board surf, scuba dive, and the snorkeling sites are accessible from one of the best beaches in Belize. On our Belize inland tours we teach whitewater kayaking, underground kayaking, hiking through the jungle, and cave exploration. Experience the best of the rainforest and island ecosystems in Belize. This will be your best vacation ever.

What about accommodations? Each beach front room is located right on the Caribbean Sea. Our rooms are individual cabanas that sleep two to six guests. This is one of the best beach resorts in Belize. Join us for your next Belize vacation.


June 2021

Dear Slickrock Friends, I trust all’s well with you and yours. As the rainy season officially begins, we’re looking to navigate our way through the biggest crisis most of us have experienced in our lifetimes and Slickrock’s biggest challenge since it was established way back in 1977. My two biggest priorities are to look after the Slickrock family now and in the long term, as w

By Phil Dowsett | June 25, 2021

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May 2021 Update

Dear Slickrock Friends, I trust all’s well with you and yours. As mentioned in previous updates, I have spent 17 years developing an eco-friendly business plan, rather than the dream of having an island. The group of extremely decent people at Slickrock had a spark that I had a very good gut feeling about when I first met them face-to-face way back in 2011. Not only were they highly experien

By Phil Dowsett | June 4, 2021

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April 2021 Update

Dear Slickrock Friends, I trust all’s well with you and yours. Just a few updates this month, including very minimal Covid cases down here in Belize. Міnіѕtеr оf Неаlth аnd Wеllnеѕѕ, Місhеl Сhеbаt, confirmed that Belize will secure uр tо 200,000 vассіnеѕ within the first quаrtеr оf 2021. Front line healthcare workers are first in line, then it’ll filter

By Phil Dowsett | May 9, 2021

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Experience of a lifetime!

“We had a taste of the Glover's Reef Adventure and it left us hungry for more. We indulged in 4 days of activities, local food and fun…”

Amazing experience of a lifetime

“My husband and I went there in the middle of December. It was his 4th time going and my first.... He told me about Slick Rock during our first date... how magical it was…”

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