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Adventure Island Belize – Full Week

Belize Adventure Travel Deals – Sports Vacation Packages

PICTURE YOURSELF ON A PRIVATE ISLAND, lost in the Caribbean and forgotten by the world. No modern conveniences, no schedules, no problems. It sounds like a fantasy, but you can experience it yourself on Long Caye Resort in Belize at Glover’s Reef. This is the best of adventure travel deals in Belize.

The Best Vacation Deal in Belize

Because everything is included, you don’t even need your wallet for the whole week. These are the best adventure deals you can find in Belize. There are no hidden costs, apart from scuba diving, flights, and travel insurance. We include just about everything, including teaching you to kayak, windsurf, snorkel, and stand up paddleboard, which is available all day, every day. Our menu is fantastic, the food is plentiful, and snacks are available all day long as well.

Each day we introduce a new sport. We begin by paddling to a magical snorkeling site. Another day finds us in surf kayaks surfing the only surf wave in Belize just off our shore, or scuba diving Long Caye Wall. At night we enjoy Belizean home-cooking.

Slickrock spares no effort to ensure that our tour is the best eco tour in Belize. In addition to the luxury of a secluded, private island with arguably the best beach in Belize, our gear is top-notch: we have surfboards, a fleet of 40+ sea kayaks, fishing and surf kayaks, paddleboards, and windsurfing gear for all ability levels. Belize dive packages are available just down the beach for both certified divers and beginners.

Our guides are among the most experienced professionals in the business. Our facilities are rustic, private, and comfortable; featuring thatch-roofed Belize beach huts perched right on shore. We have a rainwater collection system for drinking water, unlimited showers pumped by the sun (air temperature), and ecologically-friendly composting toilets. Our menu consistently receives rave reviews, and cold beer and soda are included in the trip price. Our boat leaves right out of Belize City for our guests’ convenience.

No Experience Needed

This trip is designed for those looking for an active Belize vacation, although no experience is required. Each sport is introduced, taught, and guided by expert guides, and each sport is suitable for a complete beginner in good shape. People who are in decent physical shape and have a good attitude will do fine. Hundreds of our guests have commented that this is the best vacation of their lives. Come see for yourself why our guests return year after year!

Private island adventure overview

Adventure Island Full Week

REGION: Island
TRIP LENGTH: 9 nights (first and last in Belize City, 7 on the island)

SEASON: Late November – Early May
DEPOSIT: $600 per person

  • Nine night adventure

      Fri – Sat (Sun earliest departure)

      *Kitesurfing is no longer offered since March 2020

      We are closed May – November due to rainy season, followed by hurricane season.

  • Meeting place

      MEETS: Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel, Belize City

      HOW TO GET THERE: Look for a shuttle van from Black Orchid Resort. Inform them that you are a guest with Slickrock Adventures and they will take you to your hotel. If you arrive a day before our scheduled itinerary, you will have to take a taxi to the Black Orchid Resort (cost will be approximately $35 US per cab). There is no need to arrange a pick-up in advance, cabs are waiting when flights land.

      SCHEDULE FOR ARRIVAL: We meet at 5:30 pm on Day 1 of your trip. Your international flight should land in Belize City no later than 5:00 pm to ensure you will be able to arrive in time for our trip meeting at 5:30. If you are late and arrive the next day, you will have to charter your own boat to the island for US$750.

  • Extending your stay

      We do not offer individual days on the island. If you book more than 7 nights on the island, you will receive an additional discount.

      Visit our extended stay deals page.

  • Age limits

      Age Limits: Min. 3; max. 80

      Diving Age Limits: Min. 8 If you wish to bring children under the age of 3 on the Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, this may be arranged by both talking to our office beforehand, and by hiring a babysitter, read more about that option below.

      Please note: we require that all kids visiting the island are already potty-trained. If you are over 80 and wish to join us on the island, please contact our office to discuss.

  • Height-weight limits

      Weight Limits: Sometimes prospective guests ask if we have boats that can hold a person of 240 lbs, for example. This is difficult to answer because it depends on the fitness of the individual. In general, persons over 230 lbs will not be able to do every sport we offer, unless they are young and very active already. Here are our best estimates for weight limits for each sport: river kayaks: 225 lbs; sea kayaks: 225 lbs; surf kayaks: 200 lbs; windsurfing: 225 lbs; fishing kayaks: 225 lbs; surfing: 200 lbs.

      Height Limits Our gear does not extend to accommodate every single height. We do have 2 sea kayaks for “tall men”, but they do not work for very tall people. We asked Sam Sturman, our tallest guest ever, to write about his experience on the island; here is his explanation of how our program works for very tall people: “I attended the adventure island trip on February 8, 2013. It was an amazing week. What is unique about my experience is my height: 6’ 9” and weight 235 lbs. and a 36 inch inseam. I wasn’t able to fit into a sea kayak because you have to sit in the seat and then put your legs in and my legs wouldn’t fold up that much. I was able to use one of Slickrock’s fishing kayaks and that worked fine for paddling and going off on snorkeling adventures. I wasn’t able to do surf kayaking because my legs were too long for the kayak and my bent knees interfered with my ability to paddle. I tried using a ‘Versa Board’ that looks much like a paddleboard, but I as unable to ride the waves. I did paddle out and watched the wave surfers. If you are over 6’ 4” you are going to have to understand that your height might be a factor in certain activities.

      I went to the island to snorkel, paddleboard, and sea kayak and my expectations were met. In spite of the limitations of my height, the Adventure Island trip was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I plan on returning.”

All-inclusive package overview

What's included?

  • Included
      • Accommodations listed in itinerary (booked double occupancy); includes all bedding
      • All transport and meals in itinerary
      • Cold beer, soda, juice, and water (other alcoholic beverages are available in Belize City)
      • Guides and support staff
      • All kayaks, windsurfers, boards, and accessories
      • Sports instruction & guided activities (except as listed)
      • 3-8 staff, depends on group size
      • Park entrance fees and fishing licenses
      • Sales and hotel taxes, all other fees associated with travel package
  • Not included
      • Flights to and from Belize
      • Travel Insurance
      • Alcoholic beverages in restaurants, and all alcohol except beer
      • Any services not listed in itinerary
      • Fees and equipment for scuba diving or scuba courses
      • Snorkeling gear (mask, fins, snorkel, booties, wetsuit or diveskin, rashguard)
      • Fishing gear (we provide fishing kayaks)
      • Tips for staff (see Note on Tipping)
      • Any extra expenses due to late arrivals or delays

Island Vacations Packages for Active People

Island Activities (7 full days):

  • Our Belize guides are carefully selected from the most experienced professionals in the business.
  • We use sea kayaks and paddleboards to access nearby snorkel spots and other islands in the atoll
  • We also have surf kayaks and surf boards for our private wave
  • Our fishing kayaks allow you to anchor near our shore, or you can just wade in to fish
  • We have complete windsurfing rigs for all levels, and a land trainer on the beach to teach the basics
  • Our island facilities are rustic, private, and comfortable, featuring two-person, Belize bungalows on the beach and spaced for privacy.

See what we do each day


Long Caye at Glover’s Reef

7 nights

We first moved from Placencia, Belize out to Glover’s Reef Atoll in 1992. Our kayak adventure out of Placencia was run like a river trip, kayaking from island to island, camping out, and cooking over an open fire. We wanted a little more permanence on the island, but our goal was to create a facility that feels non-developed. Obviously when you build a building, that is development. But we created a resort that is exactly where we would want to go on vacation, environmentally-conscious glamping on a private island.

On Long Caye, development means sixteen cabanas, a well-stocked kitchen, solar-powered water pumps, a composting toilet, a hammock palapa, a dock just for watching the surfers as well as the sunrise, three dozen sea kayaks, a bunch of sailboards, surf boards, and surf kayaks, and a dive shop (the only thing not owned by Slickrock).

There is no air conditioning, maid service, wifi or cell phone service, and no flush toilets (since we only offer eco tours in Belize, we make sure we flush nothing into the sea.) But there is a fridge permanently loaded with Fantas and Belikin beer, and your cabana sits just feet from the Caribbean Sea. It’s the best in adventure travel — right down to the fabulous Belizean guides who teach you to surf all day and then sit down with you for dinner.

Depending on your past experience, our island facility is either the most comfortable camp or the most rustic resort you have encountered. We maintain the island in as natural a state as possible, and there is no standard electricity or plumbing. Think Swiss Family Robinson, or Gilligan’s Island. Every cabana is right on the shore and the tropical breezes keep the temperature well below what they register on the mainland (see Belize temperature). This all adds up to one of the best beach resorts in Belize.

Each cabana has single or double beds, a solar-powered light, and a porch with hammocks and lounge chairs (see the island accommodations page for more photos and information).

Our dining hall features solar and wind-powered lights and music, propane stoves and solar-powered refrigerators to chill our water, beer, soda, wine, as well as our extensive library.

We drink filtered rainwater, and we bathe with well water pumped by the sun (not heated, the showers are about 75 degrees). Composting toilets complete this ecologically friendly set-up. Our spacious island (13.5 acres) and idyllic facilities ensure your comfort without compromising the adventure of living on an undeveloped and uncrowded island. Best of all, there is a hammock waiting for you under the palms. See our island facilities page for more detail.

Every Adventure Island experience includes a Digital Detox. No phone calls or Facebook. Wake to the sounds of nature. You will experience a wonderful thing: Island Time.

Visit our private island page for more photos and maps of the island.

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Black Orchid Resort

2 nights

Black Orchid Resort is where we stay the first and last night of the trip. We meet there late in the afternoon on Day 1, so that we are right by our dock to go out to the island the first thing the next morning. At the end of the trip, we don’t get off of the island in time to catch an international flight, so we stay there again. Both the first and last night are included in the trip price.

Black Orchid Resort has been in operation since March 2005, and is located in the village of Burrell Boom, 15 minutes from the international airport

Enjoy the best of both worlds in accommodations with an ambience of eco-friendly luxury, well-appointed air conditioned rooms and villas, immaculate, quiet and safe grounds and full restaurant and bar facilities.

Their Full Bar and Restaurant serves both local and international cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Relax by their pool and sip a tropical drink from the poolside bar and screened porch overlooking the Belize River.