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Belize City Hotels & Restaurants

Belize  City

Hotels and Restaurants in Belize City

Is Belize a country?

Yes. Formerly known as British Honduras, the country became self-governing in 1964, renamed Belize in 1973 and gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1981. Belize is the only English-speaking small country in Central America and is on the western edge of the Caribbean.

The population is just under 400,000 and has a multicultural society, consisting of African-European Creoles, Spanish-Indian Mestizos, African-Indian Garinagus, Maya, and a few Europeans, North Americans, and Asians. Belizeans are, for the most part, genuinely friendly people, who lead a laid-back Caribbean lifestyle.

Belize City, Belize is the place where all explorations of the country begin and end. If you need to, locate Belize City on a map.

Is Belize safe?

Belize City has a reputation for being unsafe, which is not always deserved. You should not walk alone at night, but it is safe to walk around during the day provided you adopt a confident attitude. If you’re worried, stay at one of the better hotels and take cabs within the city. Note that most of the people in Belize are very friendly and have no problem with tourists. If approached by  people asking for money, just be friendly and politely decline. Act like you know where you are going and you’ll be fine.

Belize City, Belize

Belize City, Belize
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Where to stay in Belize City?

It is impossible to completely avoid Belize City because you fly in and out of the city before and after your trip. We make all accommodation arrangements for your trip with Slickrock. If you arrive early or stay late, you’ll need to make your own reservations for the additional nights. These are our favorite hotels in Belize City. They are all near our dock and closer to the airport. There are taxes in Belize that are not included in room rates, and most lodges also tack on a 10% service charge. So expect a 15%-25% tax on top of the rates below. All rates can change without notice.

Calling Belize

If calling from the U.S., dial 011 for International access, then the country code: 501, then the number. Calls cost about $1.00/min.

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Recommended Belize City Hotel

View our map of Belize City to locate recommended hotels

Black Orchid Resort

Located in the heart of Belize on the outskirts of Burrell Boom Village, Black Orchid Resort is an oasis of modern convenience in an exotic tropical rainforest setting. Just 15 minutes away from the Philip Goldson International Airport in Belize City, Black Orchid Resort is worlds away with 16 comfortable rooms, 7 luxury suites, & two well-appointed villas.

There is a gourmet restaurant on-site as well as a bar, gift shop, swimming pool, and a conference center. Designed to be eco-friendly, the resort is elegantly integrated into a rainforest setting on the banks of the pristine Belize River. Guests can enjoy complimentary use of bicycles and high-speed wireless internet.

Every room comes with powerful air-conditioning, a private bathroom, and cable TV. The on-site restaurant serves up a mouthwatering menu of both local and American dishes. Guests have the option of dining by the pool or on the patio.

For further travel in Belize, the experienced staff at Black Orchid Resort can assist with renting a car or arranging guided trips in the area.

+501 225-9158
2 Dawson Lane
Burrell Boom

Recommended Belize City Restaurants

View our Belize City map to locate recommended restaurants

There are many wonderful Belize City restaurants; have fun exploring.
The status of restaurants in Belize fluctuates often; this information was updated in June of 2017.


Marva’s, corner of Water Ln. & E. Collet Canal: a semi-funky neighborhood, great Belizean food! Neri’s, on the corner of Queen & Handyside Sts.: good Belizean food with seven kinds of fresh squeezed juice served daily. Neri’s serves great Belizean standbys such as rice and beans, stew chicken, Oxtail Soup, Gibnut, and Cowfoot Soup. Yum! Le Petite Cafe, across from the Radisson and next to The Great House, open 6 a.m. – 8 p.m.: good coffee, pastries, and wine with a nice courtyard.


Chon Saan Palace, 1 Nurse Seay/Kelly St.: our favorite restaurant in Belize. They now serve sushi and sashimi. Sahara Grill, across the street from the Biltmore hotel, this Mediterranean restaurant has kabobs, kofta, falafel, hummus, etc. and plenty of vegetarian options. Sumathi,19 Baymen Ave.: excellent Indian food. Calypso, located on the dock behind the Princess Hotel: good burgers, great seaside location.


The Radisson-Ft. George, 2 Marine Parade: expensive but a very good breakfast and lunch buffet. Stonegrill, at the Radisson poolside. All food is grilled and served on a hot stone: appetizers, fajitas, steak, chicken saté, shrimp, etc. The Smokey Mermaid, 13 Cork St.: fantastic food. be sure to try the garlic mashed potatoes. Riverside Tavern, on the corner of North Front & Mapp Sts.: Although the outside of this place has an industrial look, don’t let that deter you. This is a great restaurant and bar by the folks who brew Belikin Beer, Belize’s own. It has a fabulous patio. Bird’s Isle Restaurant, go all the way south on Albert St. across the bridge and onto the small island of Bird’s Isle; a laid back thatched roof bar/restaurant: fantastic setting, great food and drink. Celebrity, on Marine Parade next to Memorial Park, Volta building. A nice restaurant in a nice setting. The food is good but not excellent.