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Belize Board Sports

Belize Board Sports

We have the only surf wave in Belize with a nearby surf center. Belize surf spots are few and far between because the Belize Barrier Reef stops almost all ocean swell from reaching the coastline. We are located out past the Barrier Reef, at Glover’s Reef Atoll. The ocean bottom on the north end of our island creates a great surf wave.

We also have one of the only Belize kitesurfing centers in the country. About 2 miles from our island is a perfect location to learn kiteboarding… a 2-mile-square area of waist to chest deep water with little coral.

We are into water sports; right from our shore you can experience four board sports with immediate access to great gear. Visit our Belize Sports page for a list of all the sports we offer.

Belize Kiteboarding

Bring your kiteboard to our island and experience perfect conditions, or take introductory kiteboarding lessons with our trainer kites. The flat water of the atoll, near constant winds (10 mph 95% of the time) and the 80 degree waters of the Caribbean all add up to a kiteboarder’s dream! Advanced kiteboarding lessons are available December – March only through our Kitesurf Center.

Kiteboarding Lessons

Beginner lessons on basic kite technique are provided free as part of Slickrock’s sport program, using our small trainer kites near the beach. More difficult skills with the big kite and board are taught away from the island, accessed by our custom kite school raft. These more advanced lessons are at an additonal cost.

Belize Surfing

We have the #1 surfable break in Belize! Board surfing at Long Caye is great for intermediate and advanced surfers. If you want world-class, immaculate waves – you should consider a destination such as Tavarua or the Mentawais. However, if you’re a surfer planning to go to Glover’s for the reefs and Belize kayaking, etc. – you also might be rewarded with some very fun, VERY uncrowded tropical surf.


Stand-up paddleboarding has exploded in popularity in just the past few years to become the fastest growing water sport in the US. “SUP” entails standing on a longboard and propelling yourself with an extra-long, single-bladed, 5-6’ paddle. Our sheltered lagoon is a perfect place to try out this new sport, and our surf break allows experienced surfers to try out the SUP board on our surf break. SUP boards work equally well in waves and on flat water, so everyone can enjoy this fantastic new sport.


We offer beginning-expert windsurfing with sailed rigged to go and a land trainer for instruction. Our lagoon is an ideal place to learn and experts use our short boards for the surf. We have an excellent, accelerated program, beginners learn quickly. Steady winds are almost always present, and the 80-degree water means you windsurf in your bathing suit!