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Belize Adventure Travel – Island Vacations

Cully Erdman created Slickrock in 1977, then a small kayak school on the Colorado River. After exploring the region while assisting with adventure television shows, Cully expanded to Mexico and Central America.

In the early 1980s he expanded to Mexico, Belize in the late 1980s, then Guatemala and Honduras in the mid 1990s. In 1986, Lucy Wallingford joined on as a partner, and together they developed the four Belize itineraries that we offer today.

1977 Slickrock Adventures founded by Cully Erdman in Moab, Utah

1977-1997 Kayak school and river company operating in Colorado, Utah and Idaho

1981-1994 River trips in Chiapas, Mexico – first kayak descent of Agua Azul

1986 Lucy Wallingford joins company as Vice President

1986 Belize – Slickrock becomes the first sea kayak outfitter in the country

1991 Leased North East Caye, Glover’s Reef Atoll

1996 Leased Long Caye, Glover’s Reef Atoll

1996-1999 Bay Islands of Honduras added as a destination

1997-2013 Tikal, Guatemala added as a destination

2001 Purchase of Long Caye

2011 Kiteboard school added

2018 Merged with Green Tree Co

2018 Head office moves from Moab, Utah to Hood River, Oregon

2020 Head Office moves to Belize

Whether you want to get some windsurfing instruction, do some Belize caving, get your PADI card, or visit little-known reefs by sea kayak, we hope you will join us for the best in Belize vacations.

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Why Travel With Slickrock?

From our simple beginnings kayaking and camping along the Belize Barrier Reef, Slickrock Adventures has grown into a leader in adventure sport ecotourism. We pioneered the concept of using a multi-sport format to explore the most exciting destinations in Belize, resulting in the most distinctive active vacations available. Consider what sets us above the rest….

When we say “adventure multisport” we mean it

All trips include instruction and use of top-quality equipment. Single and double sea kayaks, windsurf gear for all ability levels, state-of-the-art sit on top surf and whitewater kayaks, fully-outfitted fishing kayaks, surf boards, stand-up paddle boards, kiteboard trainer kites, and a Belize scuba school are standards on our Belize tours. Long Caye boasts the only Belize surf camp, and our windsurf center is a destination for beginners and experts alike. Our flexible island itinerary allows you to design each day, and inland the non-stop activity ensures you aren’t paying for “downtime.” With us you experience these sports with professional instructors—rare on a standard tour. And the variety means that whether you are traveling alone or with your family, everyone finds something they want to pursue.

There’s no substitute for having your own island

Belize has recently experienced unprecedented development, especially on the offshore islands. Unlike popular dive locations such as Lighthouse Reef, which see hundreds of visitors a day, Slickrock’s private island is uncrowded. Part of Belize’s renowned marine reserve system, Glover’s Reef is a UNESCO World Heritage site and Long Caye is a world unto itself. We’ve developed the island with a light touch to maintain its rustic, tropical charm while ensuring that you are comfortable. Each cabana enjoys privacy and is perched above the pounding surf. Our fully-equipped kitchen keeps us well fed with seafood and indigenous dishes. Cold beer and soda (included in the trip price) and a solar-powered electric system, along with a thorough treatment program for bug control, are just a few of the “extras” you will not find on any other adventure tour. “Island life” is often the most unforgettable memory our guests take back home.

World-class snorkeling and diving are just a few yards offshore

We swim to reefs from our beach, paddle to snorkel spots in our kayaks, and ride the dive boat ten minutes or less to each dive site. The lagoon inside Glover’s Atoll and the underwater terrain around it are rich with sea creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colors—from tiny flamingo snails and colorful living coral to elegant and powerful spotted eagle rays.

Our associate’s PADI dive shop tailors the dive program around our adventure sport itinerary. You can get fully certified right on the island, or dive three times a day if you are already certified.

Our guests make lifelong friends

Whether secluded on our private island or exploring adventure sports deep in the jungle, you will naturally bond with fellow guests who are sharing your new, exhilarating experiences.

Our limited group sizes and multi-day trips encourage a “family” to form—in fact, our trips have fostered several marriages!

Our itineraries are great for friends or couples, and our island packages are the perfect Belize family vacation. Adventurous travel single guests love our trips because you can join a fun, friendly group of adventurers.

There’s no stress when traveling with us, we take care of everything

All inclusive Slickrock packages are comprehensive. There are no hidden costs, so it’s easy to stay within your budget. The quality of your trip matters to us too. We spare no effort or expense in providing our guests with first-class amenities and logistics.

We own our vans and island shuttle boat so that we can ensure your comfort and help you maximize your vacation time: you arrive in Belize City in the afternoon and you’re on our island before lunch the next day.

We leave directly from Belize City so you won’t waste your valuable time riding in a van or stopping at places along the way that you can easily see on your own if you choose. Your week with us will be like nothing you’ve done before, and we want to help you make the most of it.

Our guides are expert sport instructors, and they love what they do

Our small group sizes and large staff mean that each guest gets the attention they need to learn each sport, so no experience is necessary. You can try activities you’ve always wanted to try.

Guests especially enjoy really getting to know our local staff. We strive to give you the vacation of a lifetime, and all our staff members share this passion.

Belize is hassle-free

Belize is English speaking, safe for international travel, and easy to get to. From most U.S. and Canadian destinations you can travel there in one day. We specialize in Belize—let us show you our favorite destination in the world.