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Home > Belize Vacation ArticlesWe are fairly certain this is the only bathroom ever to grace the cover of Outside!



Our adventures to our private island in Belize have appeared in many articles throughout the years. Here are some of the articles in which our expeditions have been featured.



100 Ideas Toward a Bigger Life

More Adventure. More Surprise. More Bite.


#73 Get Marooned

Our Water Sports Center at Long Caye, Glover's Reef was featured on the cover of Outside Magazine's December 1998 issue! 


Caribbean Vacation Articles

May 2012

"This small island on the Glover’s Reef Atoll is a true paddle paradise with endless miles of turquoise water dotted with tiny cays and islands to explore. The private island hosts only about 2 dozen guests at a time who enjoy almost every water sport imaginable including diving, fishing, SUP, kayak, kite boarding and surfing. During your week-long stay all meals are included. You’ll be delighted with the menu prepared from freshly caught fish, hand picked coconuts and other ingredients fresh from the land and sea. After dinner the ocean will lull you to sleep in your rustic beachfront cabana."


Men's Health, 50 Guy Trips That Will Change Your Life

August 2010

"Travel should transform. Our purpose is to squeeze the maximum amount of joy, hilarity, challenge, and accomplishment out of our alotted time. What better way to do that than to travel to places that won't just be a change of scene, but rather, can provoke a change in you? We accumulated 50 such transformative travel experiences. maybe it's time to get lost, and find yourself."


Boston Globe, Finding Your Limits: Good Sports Taken to Extremes on a Caribbean Cay

April 22, 2007

"Such are the nuances of adventuring on the edge, metaphorically and literally, on a private island that sits on a flank of the continental shelf. There are release forms to sign and mandatory safety sessions to attend. But the bottom line at Slickrock is delightfully old-fashioned. You are responsible for your own actions. The rewards can be the stuff of dreams."



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National Geographic Adventure, Wild Islands! Where to Get Lost

February 2007

"Somewhere out there is a little slice of paradise with your name written in the sand. Whether you want to kiteboard across an archipelago or dive off a luxe live-aboard, these ten island base camps--from Bora-Bora to the British Virgin Islands--will satisfy the explorer and escapist in you. No time to overland it to your place in the sun? Slickrock's Adventure Island on Glover's Reef Atoll is just two hours by boat from Belize City."


US Airways, Belize Unplugged

October 2006

"We slow down as the island comes into focus. Conversations stop, iPods turn off, and we all stick our heads out the windows to get a better look. 'It doesn't seem real,' someone whispers. While many private islands make a lot of noise about forgetting the outside world, this one means it."


Paddler, Pampered Paddling: Where to Get Coddled in Your Kayak

July/August 2006

"The next day we sample the Mopan River’s Class III rapids before traveling to Long Caye on Glover’s Reef, one of only four coral atolls in the western hemisphere. The island is the exclusive domain of Slickrock, and it’s a kayaker’s dream. A thatched roof shelters a fleet of sea kayaks and surf boats, and the island provides perfect opportunities for both, not to mention world-class fishing, snorkeling, scuba and wind-surfing. The sheltered lagoon stretches for miles to the east and north, while the windward shore sports an active surf break."Stohlquist Waterware catalog


Slickrock's island and equipment featured in a Paddler Magazine ad for Stohlquist Waterware in the May/June 2006 issue of Paddler>

Photo by Jim Stohlquist


Deseret News, Belize: World-class diving attracts adventurers, but that's not all there is to do

June 25, 2006

"When you walk into the cabana you see two narrow beds, a plank floor and a ceiling made of palms. The windows have shutters — but no glass or screens. Your first impression is "Scout Camp." But by the next day you are thinking "Heaven." You've realized why people come to Belize. They come here so they can fall asleep to the sound of waves and wake up to the sun shining pink on the mangrove trees."


National Geographic Traveler, Unplugged Islands

May/June, 2005

"I settle into a daily routine centered around the natural world. During the new moon, a hatch of baby sea turtles erupts from the sand, struggling frantically to get to the ocean. We put them in buckets and release them beyond the surf. One morning, as I sit on my porch sipping coffee, I spot an osprey diving for its breakfast. Then I see porpoises leap from the water in a synchronized dance. As the tides go out, I watch crabs and octopuses crawl through tidal pools. I can sit all morning and think of nothing in particular, no schedules, no plans for the day. I just stare. The longer I’m here, the more I surrender to this timeless existence."


New York Times, Far From the Bubblin' Crowd

October 31, 2004

"Experienced divers exploring such popular Caribbean spots as Little Cayman's Bloody Bay Wall or the Wreck of the Rhone in the British Virgin Islands have become well acquainted with the telltale sign of underwater traffic jams: circles of dive boats moored at the busiest destinations. Avoiding the crowds may require making an extra plane connection, but the compensations for the added travel are less crowded, more tranquil wonders above and below water. Here are four somewhat off-the-beaten-track destinations that should guarantee more fish life than fellow divers."Northwest River Supply


<Slickrock's island and equipment made the Spring 2004 NRS Catalog

Photos by Keith Fialcowitz


River Readings, Newsletter - Lehigh Valley Canoe Club, Rabbit Envy

May/June 2004

"Slickrock's resort is on a 13-acre private island named Long Caye. The island resort is complete with all the water toys, comforts, and natural beauty one could hope for, including a junk food bunny appropriately named Lucky. Seems he gets to live in paradise while everyone else just visits. A very lucky rabbit indeed!"


Related blog post: A tale of five bunniesNorthwest River Supply




Daily Pilot, Nothing Buggy About Belize

April 8, 2004

"Sue had been apprehensive about traveling to Belize (she’s apprehensive about all my trips) but the promise of warm water, snorkeling reefs so azure blue one feels they are floating in space, and the chance to kayak and wind surf to her hearts content won her over. The charm of Long Caye is that it is a water-lover’s paradise. They have sea kayaks, surf kayaks, windsurfing, snorkeling and certified scuba all at your disposal. Picture a group of 10-year-olds in a toy store and told, “play with anything you want,” and you get the idea. Evenings found the competitive types playing volleyball, but I preferred watching the sunset lounging in a hammock. The food was so good that despite all the physical activity, most of us gained weight (except for Sue; she never gains weight). Some guests blamed the weight gain on the unlimited beer, soft drinks, and rum punch but they couldn’t possibly be correct. Beer and desserts on vacation have no calories, right? ... I’m not too worried about the place being overrun with tourists. Max capacity is 28 and the boat only runs twice a week. Compare that to Ambergris Caye, where about 90% of the tourists in Belize visit, which has 65 hotels with a capacity of 2,000 guests and 4,000 year-round residents.'



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Men's Journal, The 100 Best Trips on the Planet

April, 2004

"We chose the world's 50 best outfitters, then asked them about their coolest, newest, most thrilling trips. Here's your ticket to the experience of a lifetime. SLICKROCK ADVENTURES It's an odd name for a company that does sea kayak trips in Belize. Never mind: At their 13-acre private island kayakers, snorkelers, and divers explore one of the world's richest ecosystems."


Outside Traveler, The Sporty 40, Classic Destinations in Mexico and Central America

2004 Annual

"At Slickrock, sea kayaking instruction is comprehensive but painless: No one's barking orders, and by the second morning you can brave swells on the south side of the island or paddle straight out from the north side and into an 82-square-mile lagoon, inside Glover's Reef."


Rockport Feat, Water Worlds: Splash your way through three adventure-filled trips

Spring/Summer 2003

"Groups of 18 or less arrive via charter boat to Slickrock’s 13-acre tropical island, Long Caye, where dozens of one- or two-person kayaks await. Guides instruct visitors of all skill levels on rolling, entering and exiting the kayak while in water, and other techniques. They also offer daily guided kayaking tours around the atoll’s shallow lagoon, where you can snorkel with barracudas, stingrays, and sea turtles."


Newsweek, Travel/Belize

March 3, 2003

"Scuba divers have flocked to Belize—the English-speaking paradise between Guatemala and Mexico—ever since Jacques Cousteau explored the massive barrier reef and legendary Blue Hole. But landlubbers will also find plenty of earthly delights."


National Geographic Adventure, The World's 25 Greatest Adventures--And How to Do Them Now

February, 2003

"Maybe given a thousand lifetimes you could do it all...— all without sweating your schedule. But odds are, you don't have a thousand lifetimes. Odds are, you have just a few weeks a year. Which is all the more reason to make sure you don't miss the planet's greatest experiences. And why, in the current climate of unrest and uncertainty, it's more important than ever to be selective.... And that means playing it smart—especially in choosing a destination and finding an outfitter with local savvy. Here are 25 classic trips that are right for today, along with the outfitters who can get you there and back safely—in one lifetime or less."


Blue, The Dive Trip, Belize: Long Caye

Annual issue, 2002/2003

"Belize's stellar diving owes mostly to its unique geological position. For the past 80 million years, North American and Caribbean tectonic plates have moved past each other under the southern edge of the Yucatan. Fault lines separate the shallow Caribbean shelf from its North American counterpart. Belize's Cayes— there are dozens—sit atop this intersection, perfectly positioned to access the massive wall created by the opposing plates. This wall plunges 12,000 feet down and teems with marine life."Werner Paddles


<Slickrock's island and equipment made the 2003 cover of the Werner Paddles Catalog

Photo by Keith Fialcowitz


Islands, Where the Adventures Are

November 2001

"By now surely all island-lovers have heard of Ambergris Cay and Cay Caulker, off Belize's barrier reef, the world's second largest. But still farther east of the reef lie three atolls covering nearly 400 square miles of ocean; of those Glover Reef is the most distant..., the biologically richest site in the Caribbean."





Outside, Lead Us Into Temptation

November 2001

"Sapphire-blue seas, the world's second-longest barrier reef, and six palm-studded cays crying out for the creak of a hammock...all in an 82-square-mile lagoon."


Women Sports Illustrated, Wave Therapy, Paddling Paradises Guarantee Peace of Mind

November 2001

"Sea kayaking's fundamental ease is more Zen than lazy: The rhythmic paddling motion allows you to open your mind and senses to the natural elements above and below."


National Geographic Adventure, Island in the Rough

February 2001

"A primitive resort in Belize's remotest atoll: proof that good thing happen when river guides run paradise."


Newsweek, Doing It All on Vacation

September 4, 2000

"According to the Adventure Traveling Society statistics, active vacations have been increasing for decades and now multisports account for up to 14 percent of specialized adventure trips.  Why would anybody want to cram so many sports into a single vacation?  Many travelers are simply put off by the thought of spending a full week riding a bike, hiking a mountain or-God forbid-lying on a beach.  'They want a little bit of everything, rather than just one week one sport,' says Debbie Shroeder, a travel agent specializing in adventure trips.  'People don’t want to feel they’ll get bored.' "


Canoe & Kayak, Adventure In Belize A TO Z

August 2000

"With 10 guest cabins, a half-dozen tent palapas, solar showers, a composting toilet, three dozen sea kayaks, a bunch of sailboards and surf kayaks, a dive shop, and a freezer permanently loaded with Fanta sodas and Belikin beers, Erdman's camp truly is about as close to paradise as the active leisure seeker can get."


Windsurfing, AKA Belize, Island Off the Path

July 2000

"Anyone can go to a place like Maui or Aruba, where the conditions are always perfect, but traveling to a place with an unknown breeze is like investing in rather than IBM. If you go to Aruba and the wind doesn’t blow, you’re bummed. You go to Belize and it blows; you’re stoked. And guess what; it blows there. Amazon just tripled!"


Modern Maturity, Trip Finder

December 1999

"We've all had the desert-island fantasy: palm trees, coconuts, blue water, and nobody around. Well, that's Long Caye, one of Belize's innumerable offshore islands and protected by Glover's Atoll. Paddle on."


OnLine Investor, Going the Distance: A new world of hard-adventure travel to explore on the Net

May/June 1999

"Aren’t vacations supposed to be relaxing respite from the mad rush of modern life? Well, 31 million Americans don’t think so. That’s how many people in five years opted to get away from the tedium of everyday existence with 'hard-adventure vacations,' ... and many planned their heart-pumping thrills while sitting on their butts in front of a computer screen."


Escape, Trail Mixing

April 1999

"On a nine-day tour with Slickrock Adventures, the McAlisters went biking through a tropical rainforest, hiking to Mayan ruins, rafting a Class IV river, paddling an underground stream and sea kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving along the world's second largest barrier reef. Mc Alister could have added windsurfing to the list, but he opted for a training session on a hammock instead."


Paddler, 12 Top Jungle Rivers

January/February 1999

"When a team of British army adventurers first ran Belize's Macal River in the early 1980s, little did they know that -- despite the many Class VI portages -- they had stumbled on a run destined to be a jungle classic."


Continental, Paradise Found, Desert-Island Fantasy Comes True off the Coast of Belize

February 1998

"We were seeking the most enduring of travelers' fantasies, the deserted tropical island in the middle of nowhere -- a place to be a castaway, to sleep in a hammock under the stars and the palm trees, to eat fish you catch yourself, to drink coconut milk from the husk, perhaps to find romance."


Outside Travel Guide, Sea Kayaking Long Caye, Belize


"Daily sea-kayaking instruction is comprehensive but painless: No one's barking orders, and by the third morning you'll be planning a half-day paddle to nearby Middle Caye or learning how to do a roll. And instead of cramming the kayaks with tents and sleeping bags for an island-to-island camping trip, your home for the week is a cozy thatch-roof cabana on stilts -- complete with private hammock, a kerosene lamp for reading, and the sound of crashing waves to lull you to sleep."


Outside, And After Your Vacation, Take a Vacation

September 1997

"Despite its name -- Belize Adventure Week -- Slickrock Adventures Inc.'s nine-day tour of this gorgeous little nation blithely involves as much hedonism as heroism. For four days, you're expected to crisscross Belize on 'every form of transportation imaginable.'" 


Islands, Belize: Kayaking the Cays

December 1991

"Coral gardens encircle the island, and at one point I find myself drifting over fan corals that wave back and forth in the current like a crowd watching a tennis match. A few minutes later I see a large conch shell on the bottom in about 20 feet of water, a faint trail in the sand behind it."