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windsurfing in belize

Last week we did everything on the island

I am here in Belize and have been for almost two weeks. I came off of the island a couple of days ago and am going back out today with our new arrivals. By the time you read this, we will have been sailing, paddling, and snorkeling for days. What a great week last week was, we did everything. Paddleboard surfed, kitesurfed, snorkeled, fished and kayaked; we even had a really big storm and the wind

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No matter the weather, Multi-sport Adventure Island always has something to offer

The fact that we have so many different water sports out on Adventure Island means that no matter what the weather in Belize is like on a given day, there are always some of the sports that are perfectly suited for those conditions.  If the winds are blowing but the surf isn’t up, the conditions are ideal for windsurfing and kiteboarding. If the surf is up but the wind is calm, it’s i

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Belize windsurfing and kitesurfing

Last week was another windy week on our Belize island, and the wind sports were in full swing with kites and windsurfing action adding to the paddle and surfing events. We were able to sail to the neighboring islands and even got some kite action in the surf. Check out some of these shots from Victor’s GoPro camera; he sent these shots as soon as he got off the island. In addition to these b

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