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tropical island

Posted by Slickrock Adventures on April 11, 2012

Tropical sunrise

There was something so very different so far from my ken, my experience sharing a tropical sunrise with her with my beautiful wife, alone on the beach Waking before the dawn, sitting together watching the sliver of light rise and consume the dark warm breezes off the easterly shore, sunlight wafting across us, moving inland to wake the island — poem by Raymond A. Foss (2008) Photo: sunrise f

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on February 16, 2012

Slickrock shuttle boat – Batfish!

When you own an island 35 miles offshore in the middle of the Caribbean and you take guests out and back each week, it is a good thing to own your own boat. Many island resorts in Belize do not own a boat but rather use charters or rentals. By owning our own boat, we make certain it is maintained properly and therefore we minimize potential problems with transport to the island. Another thing that

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on December 7, 2011

A typical day on the island

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on October 27, 2011

Tropical island in Belize makes the news

Usually, the only time a tropical island in Belize makes the news is when a hurricane hits (a rare event) but last week, when Discovery Channel’s new series, Alone In The Wild, featured TV celeb Jason Gardiner stranded alone on a Belize island for 5 days, it became a news story. Apparently, a highlight of his experience was finally catching and eating a fish after failing to do so for five d

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