I’ve blogged about this wonderful little newsletter previously because it is such a wealth of information about one of my favorite districts in Belize — Toledo. And I was sad when it went out of publication last year. But now, I’m happy to announce that it is back and I just received a copy in my inbox.

Belize is divided into districts (sort of like states), and Toledo is one of the least-visited and most-like-the-way-Belize-used-to-be. I love Toledo. I spent a day there touring many of the local lodges and blogged about the Punta Gorda, Belize hotels I visited right after I got back.

This newsletter is put together by Marta and Rob Hirons, owners of The Lodge at Big Falls, located just outside of Punta Gorda. Follow the link above to download your own copy. The variety of the subjects they cover in each issue is astounding, and I haven’t even found time yet to look at what they have in all of the back issues!

The Toledo Howler newsletterI just received the most amazing publication via email: The Toledo Howler, a newsletter of the southern-most chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association.

I love Toledo. I spent a day there two months ago touring many of the local lodges. What a wonderful place! This is my favorite part of Belize – next to Glover’s Reef, of course ;-). It is the most remote, quaint, and picturesque part of mainland Belize. I blogged about Punta Gorda, the final frontier of Belize right after I got back.

So anyway, I was astounded at the amount of information in this little newsletter. Whoever put it together did a fantastic job. And I haven’t even found time yet to look at what they have in all of the back issues!

This single issue has articles on:

Shark conservation
A local plant, Genipa Americana
Recent tourism awards, including 2 people I met when I was down there : )
An extensive calendar of upcoming events
A restaurant guide
A recipe for Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
A map of downtown Punta Gorda
Contact information for local lodges and tour guides
Nim Li Punit, the Mayan ruin
A Mayan women’s co-operative at Indian Creek village
Organic gardening in Toledo
A tour of Dem Dat’s Doin farm
Bus and plane schedules connecting Toledo with the rest of Belize
An interview with Leonie Requena, the owner of the local water taxi serice
A map of Toledo with all of the attractions marked

What an amazing guide, don’t leave home without it!