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snorkeling in Belize

Reef Fish Identification – Yellow Headed Jawfish

On our island, Long Caye at Glover’s Reef in Belize, we go snorkeling every day. Belize is located on the Western edge of the Caribbean Sea, and we have all of the Caribbean fish that dwell in other parts of the Caribbean. All of our guides know their fish, and when we take you snorkeling we are pointing out all of the various species and sub-species during the snorkel. Every night on the is

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Surprise spotted eagle ray

Maryann Izzarelli just returned from a week on our Belize island. She just wrote to me and said it was “was by far the best experience of my life” ! Wow, thanks Maryann. You know we just love to hear that. She had a surprise encounter with a spotted eagle ray that she caught on video! What a video! She described what happened: “I was on a lazy snorkel with a couple friends around

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Snorkeling tips for beginners

The snorkeling on Glover’s Reef at Long Caye is world class. The Water Warm: around 80-degrees. This not only makes it comfortable, but also extends the time of your dives. Many tropical vacation spots famous for snorkeling have cooler water. Visibility: our water is crystal clear, typically you can see 100 feet or more. Part of that is due to the fact that Glover’s Reef lies 35 miles

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Guest photos of snorkeling on Adventure Island

We love it when our guests share photos from their visit to Adventure Island. Gert and Kathy Walter of Boxboro, MA were out to the island March 5 – 10 and shared these lovely pics from their snorkel dives. The photos of the bonefish are especially amazing. Wow!

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No matter the weather, Multi-sport Adventure Island always has something to offer

The fact that we have so many different water sports out on Adventure Island means that no matter what the weather in Belize is like on a given day, there are always some of the sports that are perfectly suited for those conditions.  If the winds are blowing but the surf isn’t up, the conditions are ideal for windsurfing and kiteboarding. If the surf is up but the wind is calm, it’s i

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Snorkeling The Channel – Glovers Reef, Belize

On Long Caye, we’re blessed to have easy access to a long list of incredible sites for snorkel diving. One of our nearby favorites we call The Channel. Come on, slip out of your mental sea kayak for a minute and join us for a snorkeling adventure! Below is a map of our top 10 snorkel sites. You can see how close they are to our adventure center. That kind of close proximity and variety is on

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Amazing underwater video – Belize snorkel sites

If you’ve ever wondered what our guests experience while visiting Long Caye in Belize, this 35 min. video, shot by one of our guests and posted on Youtube last October, is a true, full immersion experience. The clarity of the photography is amazing, especially the close-ups of the reef and associated marine life through the crystal clear water.  

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Great deal on a dive skin

One of our guests who is going on an upcoming trip just sent me a link to They have the best deal I have ever seen on a full body dive skin: $26.95!!!! It looks like a great skin. I computed the shipping and UPS ground to Moab would be $7.45. Really really a good deal. She also sent a report on it: “Just wanted to update you that the diveskins arrived today- (so fast!) and th

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