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osprey in belize

Osprey — the ultimate fisher

Ospreys are one of the most widespread raptors in our hemisphere, and can be found almost anywhere there is water. Belize is no exception, and hosts a healthy population of this majestic predator, often called the Fish Eagle. On Long Caye we have several nesting pairs of Ospreys which we observe every day fishing, fighting off competitors, and guarding their nests as they raise their young. Osprey

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Osprey on Long Caye, Belize

Ospreys are found at all times of the year on Long Caye. There is a large population of ospreys in Belize, and they inhabit practically every island found in the country, since the barrier reef and atolls provide a perfect habitat for these fish-eating raptors with the abundance of fish present. We commonly have two pairs of osprey nesting on Long Caye, and they patrol the island constantly to kee

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