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A new use for coconut shells

While I was in Belize this season I got to hang out with an old best friend of mine, Kathe O’Donnelly. We went to art high school together in Houston back in the 70s. She came down and spent time on the island with me, and there learned of my preference for octopus and squid. I have this thing about cephalopods. It’s because they are very smart and very weird. I just love them. I won&#

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Octopus Facts | The Aquarium-Hopping Myth Unmasked

Fun octopus facts We love learning about the sea creatures on Glover’s Reef, Belize. Especially, the truly odd or fun facts about them, of which there are many. And of all the creatures we encounter, the octopus has to be near the top of the list for just plain oddness. So it’s natural that, when we heard this particular story, we just had to hunt down the truth and find out if they we

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