Octopus and squid are my favorite sea creatures. How can they not be? They are completely fascinating and utterly mysterious.

I am a Belize snorkel fanatic, and even though I have been snorkeling at Glover’s Reef since 1993, I still get to spot wondrous creatures and amazing underwater events that I have never seen.

And the most wonderful of all is seeing an octopus. No matter what they are doing, it is incredible to behold. I have witnessed an octopus, when disturbed from his privacy while he was successfully looking exactly like a rock, instantly turning into a flashing Frisbee, whirling away from me to ooze into a crevice in the coral. So imagine my joy when I received via email a link to this fabulous octopus video! You have got to watch it, it will blow your mind!

And allow me to point out, PLEASE don’t order octopus or squid in a restaurant or buy them in the fish market! Let them live!

octopus video