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kitesurfing lessons in belize

Kitesurfing Lessons in Belize

Slickrock has partnered with Vela Kitesurf Resorts to open their newest Kitesurf outpost. Our guests can now learn to kitesurf in Belize! Kiteboarders will want to join us on the island to enjoy the excellent Belize kitesurfing conditions at our location (see our Belize kiteboarding page for further details). As a Vela associate, Slickrock maintains a selection of late model equipment for our gues

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It’s windy in Belize

Out in the island last week the wind was up and the skies cleared after our recent storm, so the crew was out on the water trying out our new kitesurfing equipment. Our guests from Vela and our kitesurf instructor ripped it up in the bay of the island before heading out across the sand flats to the next island, 3 miles down the reef. The sand flats between the islands provide a stunning area for s

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