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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on March 2, 2016

SUP Squatching with Windpower!

One of the great things about having an island full of sport toys for 10 different sports is no matter what the weather, there’s always something to do. However, if it’s very windy for a long time, the limited options CAN get a bit old. You know the drill, you are stuck on the best island in Belize and you can’t snorkel the 700 patch reefs. Whine. This is what happened on a recen

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on November 29, 2011

An action-packed first week on the island…

Meg Griffiths was out on the island our first week of the season teaching wind-sports. She sent us a report via Belize City! Waves, windy days, calm days and glorious sunshine; we couldn’t have asked for a better first week on the island, and the Thanksgiving celebrations were pretty fun too… Everyone got involved in the surf kayaking as the waves built over the first half of the week.

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