Kite surfing is one of the hotest new sports on the island and for good reason. Our location, and the nature of the winds and water on Long Caye set us apart as one of the best places to learn the sport that there is. Here, in this short 1 min. video clip, one of our guests catches some huge air during a kite surfing session just before sunset. If you listen closely, you can here the reaction of the other guests watching him from shore.


As I posted last week, I was looking for some images in my computer files and found some videos I didn’t realize I had. In 2012 one of our guests – Larry Staples – spent much of his island week filming. And he had great equipment! At the end of the week he gave me everything he had shot. THANK YOU LARRY. I was so impressed with the kayak surfing video that I found initially, that I went through all of his other videos to see what else I had been missing. This video is a fantastic sunset kitesurf session featuring Meg Griffiths, one of our kitesurf instructors and guides.

Ignore the first minute while Larry figures out his camera, it’s worth it.

Belize kitesurf video