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Slickrock guests on a hike during Adventure Week

For anyone interested in exploring the deep jungle of Belize, this article, A Spotted History of Belize, in The Independent, London’s edgy morning daily, is a great read. Travel writer Ben Reed travels to the Blancaneaux Lodge out of San Ignacio, Belize and looks for, among other things, big jungle cats.

During his stay he tags along with local naturalists from the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve who are conducting one of their periodic studies of the resident felines and he’s disappointed he doesn’t come face-to-face with a jaguar, but the naturalists’ night-time “photo traps” do “catch” pumas, margays and “several close-ups of tapirs’ bottoms.”

Reed’s review of the trip includes raves about the pizza at the resort’s wood-lined Montagna Restaurant, horse stables, local swimming holes, and staff. Clearly though, for him, the highlight of the trip seems to have been adding to his Life List the keel-billed toucan while birding.

Keel Billed Toucan


Whether you are joining us on our Adventure Week jungle tour or coming out to Long Caye for our Adventure Island package, consider adding to your stay in Belize by including a couple of days at a lodge like the Blancaneaux.

Marguay in Belize

The internet never ceases to amaze me. Via our friend’s Facebook posting, Barb of Barb’s Belize we were so excited to see this image of a marguay crossing the Hummingbird Highway in Belize. Hidden Valley Inn’s guide and guests saw this kitty cat on tour a couple of weeks ago. You can view the full sequence of images on their Hidden Valley Inn’s Facebook page.

Belize has three spotted cats: jaguars, ocelots, and marguays. What I would give to have seen this cat! What lucky guests they were!