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Belize Hurricane Season 2013 Spares Country

According to the National Meterological Service of Belize, the 2013 Belize hurricane season was slightly below average, but you wouldn’t know it to look at some of the photos! Given the location of our island, Long Caye, 35 miles off the coast of Belize, we are always highly aware of the weather in the region. So we breathed a little sigh of relief when Belize hurricane season officially cam

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Hurricane Mitch | 15 Years Ago This Week | A Recap

15 years ago this week, Hurricane Mitch tore through the Western Caribbean as the second deadliest Atlantic hurricane on record. It began on Oct. 22 and was still roaring as late as Nov. 9, 1998. Hurricane Mitch, the most destructive and powerful of the 1998 storm season in the Atlantic, killed 11,000. Another 11,000 were listed as missing. 2.7 million people were uprooted from their homes. It dum

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