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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on November 7, 2018

Finding Cheap Flights to Belize

It’s happening, you’re coming to Belize! You’ve found an excellent destination resort, you’re ready to explore the jungle, see Mayan ruins, and snorkel in some of the best waters in the Caribbean. Now the next step: finding a flight that doesn’t break the bank. Finding cheap flights to Belize can feel like a daunting task, but we’re going to help you out by sharing a few tips and trick

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on January 10, 2018

Great new Belize island video!

Glenn Boer joined us this December and he just sent a great video of his trip to our island, combined with his trip extension to nearby Guatemala. The first 3 minutes is about our island an includes the boat ride to the atoll, his cabana, paddling near the island, a kitesurfing lesson, and snorkeling with underwater footage! A fantastic montage! Thanks Glenn.

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on December 6, 2012

Crafting a great deal on flights to Belize

Sometimes you have to get creative to get to Belize on the cheap. I just found out about a sale going on for discount US flights. These are only deals on domestic routes, but it covers flights from January through May. Visit this link and see if you can find a good deal on AirTran from your town to one of the places you can fly to Belize from (Houston, Miami, Charlotte, Atlanta, or Dallas). Then s

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on February 21, 2012

Travel to Belize in the shoulder season for great prices

Those of us who work in the Belize travel industry have been pedal to the metal for months now. Peak season for travel to Belize is mid-December – early-April. The weather is good into May or sometimes even June, but most people want to go south when it’s cold in the US and Canada. If you can go in April, you will enjoy peak perfect weather but you won’t be traveling with everyone else, and

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on November 19, 2011

How to get upgraded to first class from economy for free! (maybe)

Off topic a little for a Belize travel website, but it was too good not to pass on. What do you think? Will dressing better get you better treatment on a plane? This professional travel watchdog thinks so.

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on July 7, 2011

The top 10 reasons to travel to Belize

I’m going to Belize in 2 weeks! I have been invited by the Belize Tourist Board on a “FAM” trip. This is travel industry lingo for “familiarization”. I, along with a bunch of other travel industry professionals, are going on a somewhat insane itinerary: we will visit 27 hotels in 5 days! I wouldn’t call that fun, but many of these are places I have heard of for years but never gotten t

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on November 22, 2010

Flying to Belize

What’s the best way to find Belize flights? After years of advising people about Belize travel arrangements, we summarize the options and strategies this way: What airlines fly to Belize? There are not that many options for flying to Belize because it’s a small country and there are only a few flights/day, and all go through the United States. There are no direct flights from Europe or Canada.

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