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diving in belize

Why Belize Must be on Your Diving Bucket List

When it comes to picturesque locations for diving, Belize is right up there. It’s the second least populated nation in Central America, found between Mexico and Guatemala. This little place has everything for the diver and for anyone who’s looking for more than just adventure under the water. Full of exploration, adventure and relaxation, with its fair amount of romance above and below the wat

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Belize scuba diving video

I recently came across a great new video of Belize scuba diving. This dive was filmed near Southern Long Caye, which is not the same Long Caye that we own (there are about 8 Long Cayes in Belize.) However, the underwater ecosystem is the same, and the woman who created this video, Stacy Holbert, did a fantastic job splicing together wonderful clips from this one dive. The coral is exactly the type

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Great deal on a dive skin

One of our guests who is going on an upcoming trip just sent me a link to They have the best deal I have ever seen on a full body dive skin: $26.95!!!! It looks like a great skin. I computed the shipping and UPS ground to Moab would be $7.45. Really really a good deal. She also sent a report on it: “Just wanted to update you that the diveskins arrived today- (so fast!) and th

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