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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on July 26, 2011

Breakfast at Chaa Creek, Belize

Mick and Lucy Fleming bought the farm that became Chaa Creek the same year that my partner Cully started Slickrock Adventures: 1977. Their original 140 acre farm eventually grew to 365 acres and into Belize’s first and foremost environmentally active eco-resort. It’s hard to figure out how to describe this amazing place and what to include: their absolutely stunning Belize lodging options with

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on July 18, 2011

Two big birthday parties in Belize

Belize celebrates their 30th anniversary this September! In 1981 Belize became Belize, after 149 years as British Honduras, a British colony. Chaa Creek, Belize’s oldest eco-lodge, celebrates the anniversary of their inception this September also. They have a BIG party planned, and a bunch of deals to entice you there for the festivities. Visit their blog to read more about it: The Belizean birt

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