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Touring Belize on your own

Many of our guests arrive a day or two early for one of our week-long adventure packages. We often get questions about touring Belize on your own. I have a favorite one-day loop trip that takes in the Baboon Sanctuary, the Belize Zoo, and my favorite restaurant for lunch: Cheers. Because it’s a loop, you can start anywhere on the loop and circle around and end up back in the same place. I

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What to do in Belize? Visit the “best little zoo in the world”

The Belize Zoo is a treasure, and if you’re going to Belize, it is not to be missed. Get a sneak preview by viewing this new video by a couple on vacation who posted it on youtube.  

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A fun thing to do while in Belize

We have many recommendations of what to do in Belize before or after your island trip with us. It might not occur to you to visit a zoo when you’re on a tropical vacation, but if you have extra time while in the country of Belize, a visit to the internationally famous Belize Zoo is well worth the trip. There you can see many native species, including the jaguar, the king of the jungle. The z

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