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Great new Belize island video!

Glenn Boer joined us this December and he just sent a great video of his trip to our island, combined with his trip extension to nearby Guatemala. The first 3 minutes is about our island an includes the boat ride to the atoll, his cabana, paddling near the island, a kitesurfing lesson, and snorkeling with underwater footage! A fantastic montage! Thanks Glenn.

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How to Combine Belize and Costa Rica in One Vacation

From Coral Reef and Mayan Ruins to the Cloud Forest Occasionally we get this question… people rightly figure that if they are going south, they want to stay south and see more than just one country. What a great combination! Belize for the coral reefs and Mayan ruins, and Costa Rica for the cloud forest. Three different airlines fly between the two, and on the quickest and cheapest schedules the

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Tips about booking travel on-line

A recent NY Times article hit close to home for those of us in the travel industry, and allows me an opportunity to get on my soapbox a little bit to inform our readers of some behind-the-scenes facts of the travel industry that you may not be aware of. In the article large websites like Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz have been exposed as a somewhat greedy business model that takes much or all o

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Island staff

I’ve been back from Slickrock’s island in Belize about a week now. I really wish I had more of a chance to interact with all of the staff, but the week flies by and before you know it you’re back at your desk staring at your screensaver. 😉 I can not possibly stress the incredible job the kitchen staff did each and every day, I’m in awe. I did want to pass on kudos and recognize

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Belize Travel Itineraries of Various Lengths

How to Combine Our Adventure Island Packages to Create Seamless, Longer Belize Travel Itineraries We’ve already covered this subject somewhat in a previous post: “How to combine Belize Travel Itineraries” but we thought it might be useful to expand it a bit for travelers who might be heading in other directions before or after their adventure in Belize. Places to Stay With Only

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How to protect yourself from the common disappointments of travel

Our Belize travel season is in full swing; we are on our 5th week of a 24-week season. Christmas is the craziest time of year for international travel and this season is definitely no exception. Already, with only 15% of our guests either in Belize or just returned home, we have experienced the following: a single traveler who arrived on the island 2 days late due to a cancelled flight, stranding

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Caracol Mayan ruin

Caracol Mayan ruin is located south of the Belizean city of San Ignacio. Caracol is the most magnificent Maya site in Belize, and in fact one of the largest in the Maya world. It is not as extensively restored as other sites because it was completely lost in the rainforest for over 1000 years until its discovery in 1937. The first archaeologist who studied Caracol soon after its discovery named it

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Cahal Pech Mayan ruin

Yesterday we blogged about The Inn at Chaa Creek, our favorite lodge in western Belize. If you are staying in the Cayo region, you won’t want to miss a visit to Cahal Pech. It’s very easy to get to, it is just a 20-minute walk from downtown San Ignacio, and overlooks the town. This small Mayan complex has undergone extensive restoration. Cahal Pech was the royal acropolis-palace of an

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Our new Slickrock t-shirt

When you sign up for a Belize trip with us, it’s an all-inclusive package. There are no restaurants on the island, so the food is included. There is no bar on the island, so beer is included. We don’t want the hassle of selling individual guided activities or sport lessons, so all the sport gear and daily guided activities are part of the package. You also get a Slickrock t-shirt! I ju

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