Last November my friend Peter Schulz was visiting us on the island before our season started up, and he put together a video of various activities he was enjoying. Peter used a GoPro camera for all of his footage and the result is a nice series of shots covering many of the sport activities we instruct and guide on our Belize island, Long Caye at Glover’s Reef. He apologizes for the poor quality, but it does still give you a great idea of all of the activities you can experience on our island in Belize.
Belize activities

Belize surfing

We saw a few days of light winds on the island last week, but the surf came up so we jumped in for a few sessions of riding our break in almost glassy conditions. We have an excellent point break where we are able to get long rides down a continuously breaking shoulder. We had riders on surf boards, paddle boards, and surf kayaks. There’s nothing like surfing in 80 degree water, so clear you can watch the bottom rip by underneath your feet, while spotting the occasional ray or silver streaks of fish darting out of the way.

Paddleboarding Belize

You can read more about Belize surfing on our website.

photo of our belize island surf break

Are There Belize Surf Spots? Short Answer: Yes, One.

(If you want all the details, you can click straightaway to the main surf page of Slickrock Adventure Island’s website)

It is not widely known that a good surf location exists in Belize, and in fact if one inquires about a good surf break they will invariably get an answer that such a spot does not exist. However, this is not the case, for there is surfing in Belize at a prime break located at Long Caye out at Glover’s Reef.

The windward end of Long Caye is owned by Slickrock Adventures, and it is off this point of the island that a channel though the ring reef of the atoll sets up a nearly perfect surf break. Swells coming in from the Caribbean hit the point of this break in the reef, and roll on through another 200 yards of sloping shoal before dissipating. The shoal is composed of broken coral rubble, not live coral, which has been deposited in the lee of the reef. This forms a safe sea floor on which surfers can walk in the shallower zone, and falling off the break poses no danger in the deeper water since there are no sharp, protruding coral heads in the break zone.

The swells vary in size from an average of 3-4’ but often will break with a 6-8’ face when it has been windy. The NE Trade Winds blow fairly strong and are reliable, so there is almost always a break to surf. The wave begins in 8-10’ of water and rolls with a right shoulder break for several hundred yards on a good day. Surfers can thus enjoy a fairly long ride before the wave finally dissipates in the shallow water near the island.

Slickrock provides surf boards, surf kayaks, and stand-up boards as part of our surfing program, which has been enormously popular with our guests. See these links to our website for more information on the break and pictures of the action:

On the above link the page details about the wave, the level of surfer that should be surfing our wave, best time of year, what you need to bring, what Slickrock provides, and more.