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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on October 28, 2016

Why you should consider scheduling your Belize vacation in January

Yesterday I came across an article with a title that spoke to me – Why you might want to push your holiday vacation to January. This is something I recommend all of the time. Traveling to Belize in January is a great idea. It seems everyone wants the same five dates during the winter season, which means that during this time our island is completely full, and flights are jammed and tend to g

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on October 7, 2015

Learn to kayak in Belize

On our island in Belize we have all of the sport toys you can imagine: sea kayaks, surf kayaks, surf paddleboards, long distance paddleboards, beginner, intermediate and advanced windsurfers, fishing kayaks, surf boards, rolling kayaks, and kitesurf gear. It’s hard to say which sport is the favorite, but it might be sea kayaking. We use the kayaks to access snorkeling spots, and sea kayaks a

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on January 11, 2011

Our Belize island featured in a Canadian travel magazine

We sure are getting a lot of calls from Canada lately, and we just found out why. Slickrock stars in a feature article in Westworld Alberta magazine called “Sun, Scenery, and Serenity“. “While many private islands make a lot of noise about forgetting the outside world, this one means it. The Robinson-Crusoe-style haven promises to go easy on the environment, with just 15 rustic c

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on December 8, 2010

Just how remote is the island?

Now that the season is in full swing and I am on the phone all day talking about Belize and our island, I am reminded how people searching the internet for Belize vacation trips just don’t understand what it means to go to a very remote part of the globe. Everyone wants to go to an exclusive location with no one else around, but they all expect it to be easy to get to. Guess what: if it’s easy

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on October 27, 2010

A tale of two hurricanes

We have had 2 hurricane scares this hurricane season, and both have left us fairly unscathed, much to our relief. When you own an island resort in the Caribbean, you don’t look forward to hurricane season. Each July we start to get nervous, and don’t feel completely relaxed until November 1, when I proclaim hurricane season officially “over”. Only 4 more days to go! Tropical storm Matthew

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