Adventure Island on Long Caye in Belize is one of the best Caribbean kiteboarding locations you can find. Just ask a pro. More specifically, our pro — Slickrock kiteboarding instructor Meg Griffiths, pictured here catching some big air a few weeks ago at the beginning of Slickrock’s 2013 – 2014 season.


Kite surfing is one of the hotest new sports on the island and for good reason. Our location, and the nature of the winds and water on Long Caye set us apart as one of the best places to learn the sport that there is. Here, in this short 1 min. video clip, one of our guests catches some huge air during a kite surfing session just before sunset. If you listen closely, you can here the reaction of the other guests watching him from shore.


Kitesurf school raft, BelizeKitesurf school raft, BelizeKitesurf school raft, BelizeSlickrock has designed a custom raft from which we will conduct our kitesurfing lessons from Long Caye, and it has just been completed (shown here in Cully’s yard in Moab, Utah). Since we do not have ideal conditions right off the island, we will travel to nearby sandflats for these lessons, where wide open spaces, shallow water, and the sandy bottom will allow students plenty of room to master kitesurfing. The motorized raft has a platform from which to rig the kites, and folding steps into the water for easy access. The raft will anchor on the sandflats, and after rigging up the kites the students will be able to spread out while the instructor gives directions. We will also have a waterproof radio helmet which advanced students can wear and receive instruction while they practice drags and short rides away from the instructor. We will be posting more about our new kitesurf gear soon!

Read more about kitesurfing lessons on our website.