Victor Myers, one of our trip managers on our island in Belize, just sent me a fantastic new photo from a recent trip. We have the best staff in Belize, probably in the entire Caribbean. I think this photo really shows how great everyone is.

Slickrock Belize staff

It’s hard to get everyone in the same picture because it’s always someone’s week off, but they must have taken this on Saturday when one boat was bringing out a new shift and the same boat was taking some staff members off. This one has almost everybody.

Standing, left to right: Victor Myers (island trip manager), Martin Ramirez (groundskeeper), Neri Chi (Belize Adventure Week trip manager and guide), Meg Griffiths (kitesurf instructor), Charlie Woodward (island manager), Mark Hyde (lead boat captain), LaVern Garcia (cook), Joelle Bienvenue (island trip manager), Aurora Roches (head cook), Matt Szymanowicz (island trip manager). Seated: Magdaleno “MJ” Yacab (island guide), Cully Erdman, (Slickrock owner), Apolitico Salam (island caretaker), Regan Murillo (boat captain).

Slickrock staff
A staff photo from a few years ago; many of us are Garifuna

Tomorrow is Garifuna settlement day in Belize, a national holiday. Many of our island staff are Garifuna, an ethnic group with their own language and religion. The Garifuna of Belize live in Dangriga, Hopkins, Seine Bight, and Monkey River, as well as other parts of Belize.


Today I found a blog post with an excellent summary of how the Garifuna people came to Belize. This is a very good read:{78089bfc-0700-4fcb-b0dd-51297c1041a4}