Inn at chaa Creek

There are lots of great places to stay in Cayo, Belize (near the city of San Ignacio), but our favorite is Chaa Creek. This 345 acre private nature reserve contains not only the loveliest jungle lodge in Belize, but also the coolest safari style camp in the country, a rainforest medicine trail where medicines are made from jungle plants, a natural history museum, a butterfly farm, and a top rated spa.

The two lodging options here, The Inn at Chaa Creek and the Macal River Jungle Camp cover the spectrum from an incredible good deal to five-star luxury.

Macal jungle camp

The Jungle Camp is the nicest safari-style camp we have come across in Belize, and is much less expensive than the Inn ($55/day/person, including two meals). This riverside camp is located in a lush forested environment and has a dining hall, hot showers, and flush toilets.

Cottages at The Inn are very upscale and surrounded by extensive tropical gardens (starting at $165/person for two, lodging only, meals and activities extra.)

All rooms include entry to the Rainforest Reserve, the Natural History Centre, Butterfly Farm, and Ruta Maya Trail System. Chaa Creek also provides canoe and bike rentals. Phone: 011-501-824-2037, email:, website: To locate Chaa Creek and all other Belize jungle lodges, see the map section on our website.

Each and every part of this huge operation reveals the careful attention to detail that I recall from the early 90s when we based out of the jungle camp during the inland part of our Belize Adventure Week trip. If you are looking for a place to spend several days to explore ruins and caves, look no further.

Belize budget lodging can be hit and miss. Clarissa Falls is a fantastic alternative to the more expensive places in the Cayo area of Belize. Situated along the banks of the Mopan River, and just 5-1/2 miles west of San Ignacio, Clarissa Falls is very convenient and tours can be arranged for you with local operators. From here you can also go swimming, tubing or canoeing on the river, take nature walks into the forest or just relax in a hammock with a cool limonada while bird watching. One of our favorite do-it-yourself hikes in Belize goes from Clarissa Falls to Bullet Tree Falls, about 6 miles one-way along the Mopan River Valley. You can take a cab back for an excellent one-day activity.

Hostess, Chena Galvez’ home cooking is fantastic! Rooms are about $75 for a double with a private bath. They also have suites, 6 persons for $175/night, or camping for $7.50/person/night. Their meals range from $5-15. Phone and fax: 011-501-824-3916. Website:

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