Fly to Belize and stay in this beach cabana
Fly to Belize and stay in this beach cabana!

In doing my weekly update for our Belize flights webpage I was happy to see that fares dropped in just one week in 18 of the 29 cities we track. If you fly from New York City, the fares dropped 28% and if you fly from Anchorage they dropped 25%! Here are a few sample Belize fares:

Departure City
Two Weeks Ago
Last Week
This Week
Baltimore (BWI) – BZE $718 $718 $627
Denver (DEN) – BZE $669 $798 $615
Tampa (TPA) – BZE $601 $601 $498
Anchorage (ANC) – BZE $1043 $1043 $799
New York City (NYC) – BZE $575 $701 $508
Washington, DC (DCA) – BZE $575 $581 $574

To view the complete list of current Belize fares, visit our website.

Photo by Mike Anderson

This post is about my ongoing obsession, ie; how do you figure out the airline companies and their pricing structure? I talk to people all day, all week, all month, about travel to Belize. Everyone asks “When should I get my ticket? Should I wait, or get it now? Are they going to get less or more expensive as the trip gets closer?” Good questions!

Two weeks ago I did my weekly check of Belize flights and was stunned to see that they had dropped across the board. We track 26 cities for our Belize fares web page, and the least any fare had dropped over the course of that week was 11%. One route dropped by over 50%!

I blogged about it and sent a mass email to our list of 20,000 telling everyone to buy air tickets to Belize right away. I know some of you took my advice because we heard from many of you. At that time I predicted these fares wouldn’t last long, and they didn’t. A week later some of the routes were creeping up, and now, two weeks later, they are back up to the neighborhood of where they started.

I know this does not answer my question “What is the rhyme or reason of Belize fares?” but somehow it makes me feel better putting it out there for everyone to see.

Departure City June 29 July 5 July 13 July 20
Atlanta (ATL)- Belize City (BZE) $554 $463 $463 $625
Baltimore (BWI)- (BZE) $669 $505 $505 $632
Boston (BOS) – BZE $700 $505 $505 $649
Calgary (YYC) – BZE $694 $591 $591 $694
Charlotte (CLT) – BZE $750 $488 $488 $673
Chicago (CHI) – BZE $555 $493 $621 $640
Dallas (DFW) – BZE $556 $463 $556 $569
Denver (DEN) – BZE $720 $493 $655 $690
Detroit (DTT) – BZE $672 $470 $470 $638
Houston (IAH) – BZE $666 $509 $690 $644
Indianapolis (IND) – BZE $631 $470 $505 $641
Las Vegas (LAS) – BZE $579 $514 $524 $638
Los Angeles (LAX) – BZE $631 $465 $510 $595
Manchester, NH (MHT) – BZE $1223 $632 $632 $646
Miami (MIA) – BZE $516 $436 $516 $516
Minneapolis (MSP) – BZE $669 $470 $470 $659
Montreal (YUL) – BZE $670 $558 $557 $692
NYC (NYC) – BZE $650 $479 $505 $574
Philadelphia (PHL) – BZE $670 $490 $670 $667
Phoenix (PHX) – BZE $677 $493 $659 $677
Salt Lake City (SLC) – BZE $627 $502 $524 $663
San Francisco (SFO) – BZE $697 $493 $667 $670
Seattle (SEA)- BZE $579 $496 $524 $641
St. Louis (STL) – BZE $678 $496 $646 $683
Toronto (YYZ) – BZE $670 $558 $557 $663
Washington, DC (DCA) – BZE $670 $490 $626 $640

We have been hearing rumors from people signing up for our trips that flights are unbelievably cheap to Belize right now. I just did a search on 26 US and Canadian cities and it’s no joke! All US cities are UNDER $400 round trip right now for dates in January. I have not seen an across the board price cut like this in at least 5 years! Visit our website to see fares that we found:

If you want to visit Belize BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW.

What’s the best way to find Belize flights?
After years of advising people about Belize travel arrangements, we summarize the options and strategies this way:

What airlines fly to Belize?
There are not that many options for flying to Belize because it’s a small country and there are only a few flights/day, and all go through the United States. There are no direct flights from Europe or Canada. You fly to Belize on one of five carriers: Continental (out of Houston), American (out of Dallas or Miami), U.S. Airways (out of Charlotte), Delta (out of Atlanta), or Grupo Taca (out of Houston or Miami). Even if you wanted to go to Belize after traveling in Costa Rica, for example, you would have to fly first to Miami from Costa Rice, then back south to Belize.

How do I find cheap flights to Belize?
There are no really cheap flights, for some reason people expect to find $300 round trip fares to Belize just by looking harder. You should expect to pay around $600 round trip, depending on where you are coming from, of course. If you find a fare less than that, buy it! You will get the best rates if you book early. Another technique is to try other dates (fly in Thursday even if you really need to arrive Saturday). Or try a different airport, possibly driving a little further. If you get a killer rate on a flight to Cancun, you can take the bus down, see our blog post “How to get to Belize from Cancun”. You can fly to Belize from Cancun, but it’s so expensive it cancels out the savings on the Cancun leg of the journey.

Any other advice on flying to Belize?
When you make your reservations, try to arrange for as few connecting flights as possible. If you have several connections, small delays can add up to missing your final flight from your gateway city to Belize. If at all possible, do not accept reservations with less than two hours between connections; very tight connections increase the possibility that you will miss one of your connecting flights. If you are flying in a day early you don’t have to be as concerned about multiple and tight connections. Because most airlines only fly once a day to Belize, if you miss your final flight to Belize, you will be 24 hours late.

We fly to Belize every year, what do we do?
From Moab we drive to Grand Junction, CO or Salt Lake City, UT and on to Houston or Dallas on whichever airline gives us the best deal, or with which we have frequent flyer points, and we often overnight in that US city if the connections would be too tight to get to Belize in one day. We might then switch to Continental or American to fly to Belize. This way we get the best price, and if staying in the US overnight, our luggage can catch up (it may be still behind).

Belize Air Schedules and Rates
For Belize air schedules, visit our Flying to Belize web page. For rates visit our Belize Flights page.

Flying to Belize
Our guest Rich Mitchell took this photo out of his plane window on the way to Belize. He put his sunglasses over the lens!