Looking for help with family vacation planning? Our private island in Belize is the perfect family vacation destination for multi-sport tours.

stensaas7We offer special rates for kids 11 and under and we also have special discount vacation packages for groups of 4 or more. If you would like to charter a trip (reserved only for your group of 18+) please request our charter policy.

Please note: kids are welcome on any trip we offer! There are no special “kids dates”.


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Probably the thing that kids enjoy the most is simply the unusual environment. Even with the many different water sports at their beck and call each day (with top notch equipment and instructors included because all of our tours are all-inclusive vacations) kids often seem most attracted by the wonders of the tropical island environment. Iguanas, hermit crabs, the island bunny… an abundance of life in the tide pools. And parents love the fact that the island, being small (about 13 acres) is a natural “container” – no need to worry about anyone getting lost or concerns about strangers. Long Caye is about as carefree a location for a family vacation as could be imagined. Families that have gone to Long Caye rave about it! (see Family Testimonials below the gallery)

Family Testimonials from TripAdvisor:

My husband , myself and our four children went to Long Caye Resort (Slickrock) last spring break and had an amazing time. Our guide was Matt who was such a great, fun and knowledgeable guy… the whole trip was perfect. Our kids were ages 12-17 at the time and we barely saw them because they were all so busy doing stuff…

“Ilovepeachs” – Sedona, Arizona

Perfect for a family with teenagers because you can give them ultimate freedom in a controlled and safe environment. Very stress free when the parents don’t have to constantly dictate and guide the day. I wish I was still there…

“staceyb” – Cincinnati, OH

We spent Christmas week on Slickrock’s amazing island in Glover’s Reef, and it truly was a marvelous vacation; one that our 3 young adult children loved. We wanted to travel with our kids before they graduate college and head off to jobs and responsibilities that tie up their lives. It did cost some money to take our family of 5, but by the second day I knew that the value was well worth the cost, and by the week’s end, I felt that it was actually a deal!…

“OutdoorsAK” – Anchorage, Alaska

The staff was amazing with our kids, the activities were extensive and kepy all of us busy for the entire half-week we were there. And to top it off, the food was just as great as the reviews had indicated. We really have no complaints. The rustic cabins were surprisingly comfortable and yes, the constant noise of the wind and surf was distracting at first but now I wonder if our home will be too quiet to get a good sleep. We enjoyed all the time the staff spent with us teaching us wind surfing, kayaking and kite-surfing, but what our family enjoyed the most was having guides available to us (thanks MJ and Luis) anytime we wanted to go snorkeling to help us find lobsters, lionfish, eels, stingrays and some of the most exotic fish you will ever see (we have also snorkeled in Hawaii and Mexico, so we have some good reference points). We were very lucky to share the island with some other families and the kids all got along great making the experience even that much more memorable…

“Ace65” – Calgary, Canada

Easter in Belize is more than a simple one-day religious holiday as it is in the US and Canada. In Belize Easter is a four-day national event, families make big plans and everybody hits the beach.


Some background facts:

  • 75% of Belizians are observing Christians
  • Each of the four days has its own special significance and goes by its own name: Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday – each with its own traditions and events.
  • Almost everyone gets all four days off work or out of school and can spend time together.
  • Banks, government offices, etc are closed all four days.
  • For many employers who are unable to close their businesses over the holiday weekend, even the rates of holiday pay are different on this weekend with working employees due double time on Friday and Monday.

With temperatures in the upper 80’s, many Belizeans flock to the beaches and offshore cayes for the weekend. Plans and travel reservations are made months ahead of time. Actually it’s really a four and a half day holiday weekend as most people try to leave work at midday on Thursday so that they can get where they are going for the weekend.

Good Friday is supposed to be a quiet day with minimal traveling, and countrywide no liquor is allowed to be sold until 6:00 p.m. Stories are told that if you swim on Good Friday you will turn into a fish; if you break an egg and leave it out in the sun you will see Jesus’ image in the yolk and if you chop a coconut tree with a machete, blood will seep out.

In reality, you are much more likely to see quiet queues of worshippers following the Stations of the Cross or to pass by roadside altars covered with flowers in remembrance of Jesus’ death at 3:00 p.m.

Holy Saturday is best known for the Annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic – a 140 mile bike race starting in Belize City, traveling west to San Ignacio where the riders turn around and ride back to Belize City with a two lap finish around the track at the Marion Jones Stadium. Cycling is big in Belize and this is the country’s premier cycling event – a tradition started in 1928 and today attracting a host of international riders.

Sunday is much like Easter Sunday in other countries, filled with Easter egg hunts, church services and family dinners.

Easter Monday is always the day to pack up and trek back home in preparation for the Tuesday workday. But the children are out of school for the remainder of the week on Spring Break.

Our Belize vacation packages are all-inclusive; and we regularly put specific trip dates on sale. All of our prices are per person because we are selling a sports package, not just a room in a hotel. Our packages include just about everything except airfare, so when a specific date is discounted 10 or 15%, you will go from about $230/night to $195-205/night, which adds up to over $200 per person for the full package. You can see which Belize vacation deals we are offering at any given time by visiting our website.

Belize group

If you can’t fit your schedule to our sales calendar, you also might qualify for a group discount. If you are traveling with one other person for example, all you have to do is find two more friends to join you. Our group discounts start at four persons traveling together, go up again at nine, and for larger groups there are even larger discounts. You can view our discount group travel rates on our site.

If you have kids, they also might qualify for a deal. Kids 11 and under receive discounts, see our family vacations page. Kids under 6 receive a larger discount than kids between 7 and 11. Sometimes, for a family of four, you might get a lower rate if you call your kid and “adult” to receive the group discount for all, rather than receiving the kids discount for only one member of your group.

The other piece of the puzzle is your air to Belize. We watch Belize airfares closely and update our Belize flights page weekly. When we see a great deal, we blog about it here, or post it on our Facebook page. So if you subscribe to this blog or “like” our Facebook page, you can stay updated when Belize flights drop in price: http://www.facebook.com/belizeisland.

I grew up in a large family, and we went on lots of adventures together. Mostly we camped in the national parks of the west coast where we lived, and I remember all of those trips with a clarity far beyond most of my other childhood memories. But one trip stands out in particular, largely because of its location — the enchanted deserts of Joshua Tree National Monument.

The environment was so unlike any I’d ever encountered, everything seem touched by mystery and magic. Almost fifty years later, that one trip to the desert has left a deep, warm memory, my favorite of all my childhood memories.

So for any parents out there, consider the possibilities of a week with your kids on Adventure Island, one of the most unique and magical places they’re likely to encounter their entire life.

Our private island in Belize is the perfect family vacation destination for multisport tours. We offer special rates for kids 11 and under and we also have specialdiscount vacation packages for groups of 4 or more. If you would like to charter a trip (reserved only for your group of 18+) please request our charter policy.

Please note: kids are welcome on any trip we offer! There are no special “kids dates”.


Belize family vacation

I talk to a lot of parents looking for that perfect Belize family vacation. What are parents searching for when they start to plan a vacation with their kids?

They want their kids:
1 – to be safe
2 – to learn new things
3 – to experience new cultures
4 – to have fun
5 – to make new friends
6 – And also they want some time to be on vacation themselves, so supervising their kids 24/7 might not be exactly what they are looking for.

Our Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef private island trip provides all of that, and a lot more. Because it’s a private island, your kids are safe. We know everyone on the island at all times. They still need supervision, because it IS an island surrounded by water, but adults can trade off on that, or we can help you hire a babysitter.

Because you can snorkel right off of our shore, your kids won’t be subjected to long boat rides. And when your kids feel like they are done, you can simply turn around, we don’t go very far from the island most days because all of our snorkeling is right there near the island.

Hermit crab in BelizeKids learn a LOT, and for that matter so do adults. Not only the sports: sea kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, kayak surfing, sport fishing, kayak fishing, paddleboarding, and board surfing. But also fish identification, Mayan history, everything you ever wanted to know about coconuts, urchins and starfish at low tide walk, coral reef biology, shore birding, and hermit crab biology are just a few of the subjects that are part of daily life on our island.

And new cultures! Your kids will become best friends with our staff, and we have quite an international crew: Belizean Mayans, Belizean Garifuna, Belizean Creoles, plus Americans, Canadians, and Brits.

Belize coconut drinkThey will undoubtedly make new friends, everyone does on our trips. Age doesn’t matter. When you are learning to climb back up into a kayak after swimming away from it, the shared challenge creates friends for life. And boy is it fun!

Visit our all inclusive family vacation page for more info on kids on our island and hiring a babysitter.