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Officials consider listing Queen Conch as threatened or endangered

Will the conch season in Belize have to be shortened? Might we need to control the amount of conch that we eat year per year? These are a couple of questions that Belize, including other Caribbean nations, might have to consider as Caribbean ministers will come together to discuss a conch petition for CARICOM during Caribbean Week of Agriculture 2012 in Antigua and Barbuda. A United States petitio

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Tropical island in Belize makes the news

Usually, the only time a tropical island in Belize makes the news is when a hurricane hits (a rare event) but last week, when Discovery Channel’s new series, Alone In The Wild, featured TV celeb Jason Gardiner stranded alone on a Belize island for 5 days, it became a news story. Apparently, a highlight of his experience was finally catching and eating a fish after failing to do so for five d

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How to make tortillas-Belize style

At our island kitchen in Belize we employ 3 local women to cook for our groups. Belizean cuisine has only a few good recipes (from my point of view)… almost everything is either deep-fried, over-cooked, or made with processed ingredients, like white flour. It has taken me years to teach these wonderful women to cook for American tastes. Our guests tend to prefer whole foods, low in fat, and simp

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More Belizean Recipes

In Belize you will hear the locals talk about a mysterious vegetable called “cho-cho”. This is what they call chayote squash, a vegetable common in Mexico. On the island we serve Cho-Cho and Zucchini Enchiladas. This recipe is PERFECT, if I may say so myself. It serves 6 – 8, and is very easy to make. Cho-Cho and Zucchini Enchiladas 2 cho-cho 2 zucchini 1 bell pepper 1 onion 1 package frozen

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Shrimp Creole Recipe-Belize style

Our Belize island menu takes advantage of fresh seafood caught locally. The shrimp in Belize is fantastic! Here is the recipe most commonly served in Belize, this recipe serves 6. 2 lb peeled & de-veined shrimp 2 T olive oil 2 onions 2 bell peppers 3 garlic cloves 1 T oregano 1 T basil 1 8 oz can salsa casera juice from 2 limes 1 T Belizean Recado: spice paste sold in balls, a.k.a. red achiote

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Key Lime Pie

We serve Key Lime Pie on the island every Friday night as part of our “Belize Night” menu. This is actually my mother’s recipe, who is from the southern US. I always order Key Lime Pie when I see it on a menu, and I have yet to find a recipe that beats this one. For one crust: ½ box (1-1/2 packet of graham crackers) graham crackers ¼ cup sugar ½ cup (2 sticks) butter Melt the butter. Crus

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