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Belize isn’t the only place with amazing underground jungle rivers

Belize is famous for it’s underground rivers, the most amazing example of which is probably The Caves Branch River. We include a floating river tour of The Caves Branch River in our Belize Adventure Week package. But apparently, Belize is not the only place with such amazing natural wonders — witness Puerto Princesa Underground River in the Philippines: The Puerto Princesa Subterranea

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Exploring the Caves Branch River, Belize

When we first thought about venturing down the Caves Branch River, Belize, in the mid 1980’s. We had some basic information about the run from a friend in Moab who had actually been on the first exploratory trip through the caves a few years before. That group of cavers had explored the river cave system from the bottom end up before taking their first trip downstream on inner tubes. So, we knew

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