Recently I was a guest blogger on the premier Belize blog, Tacogirl. We exchanged some emails, and Tacogirl asked to use one of my emails in an upcoming blog post. Of course I said yes! In this email I reminisced about Slickrock’s very old days when we based our sea kayak trips out of Placencia, Here is her post, with some old pictures I sent her from our original days way back when:

On the beach we used to rent in Placencia, Belize, about 1988.

Parrot-Nest grounds
Parrot-Nest grounds

Occasionally I exchange emails with Marcus, the owner of The Parrot Nest in Bullet Tree Falls, Belize. The Parrot Nest is a great, low-cost alternative to the more expensive lodges in Western Belize (called Cayo). Recently Marcus notified me that he has a new aggregated Belize blog; he collects other blog posts about Western Belize and posts them on this collection page. If you are thinking of traveling to San Ignacio, this is a great resource.

Recent articles posted on his blog included a photo tour of San Ignacio via public bus, a plea for financial assistance form the Cayo Outdoor Theatre, a San Ignacio restaurant review, and an article about 36 weddings that are planned for December 21, 2012 (the end of the Mayan calendar) at Cahal Pech Mayan ruin!

His aggregated blog is called the Cayo Scoop! Best of Cayo’s Online Magazine.

The creation of this blog is long overdue. There are so many amazing things that I have always wanted to communicate about our Belize travel company: photos of new kayaks and surf boards being delivered to my yard in Moab, hilarious photos guests send us from their trip, hot tips from our staff of other cool places to visit in Central America, more about how to choose the perfect snorkeling fins… all of this I have thought about posting but felt that they didn’t really fit within the format of our regular website. With this new blog I hope to give a more complete view of all that goes into running private island adventure tours in Belize.