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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on October 16, 2012

Underwater kayaking, revisited

Back in August we had such a fantastic response to our first blog post about our brief flirtation with the sport of underwater kayaking out at Adventure Island that we thought it deserved a little more attention. So here are two other photos from the shoot: one of Cully doing perhaps the first deep sea kayak pirouette, and the other is Bev attempting to paddle across the sea bed.

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on August 3, 2012

Underwater Kayak | The fun photo shoot experiment “kayaking” underwater

Back in the year 2000, a writer/photographer team for National Geographic Adventure magazine came to our island in Belize for a feature story. You can imagine how excited we were about this. Jon Bowermaster and Barry Tessman were famous, they were widely published, and had also both traveled extensively all over the world. The staff and guests on the island that week were also super excited and it

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on January 11, 2011

Our Belize island featured in a Canadian travel magazine

We sure are getting a lot of calls from Canada lately, and we just found out why. Slickrock stars in a feature article in Westworld Alberta magazine called “Sun, Scenery, and Serenity“. “While many private islands make a lot of noise about forgetting the outside world, this one means it. The Robinson-Crusoe-style haven promises to go easy on the environment, with just 15 rustic c

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Posted by Slickrock Adventures on April 27, 2010

Glover’s Reef video and article in the New York Times

Glover’s Reef is touted as a model for marine conservation efforts. Glover’s Reef, where our island is located, is protected by the Belize government as a National Marine Reserve. This article on Glover’s Reef and related video explains how well this is working.

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