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Cancellation Policy

What to Do if you Can’t Make it at All

No exceptions are made to our cancellation policy for any reason. All fees listed below are per person, per package.

How to cancel at trip

To cancel, please call us or send an email. Your cancellation is not complete until we have acknowledged receipt or spoken to you in person. Once you release your seats Slickrock reserves the right to resell them, cancellation fees still apply even if we are able to find others for these seats.

Our reservation and cancellation policy is set because during this time frame all flights to Belize fill extremely early, and third party costs are paid in advance. When a spot is vacated less than three months before the package date, it is difficult to re-sell because flights to Belize are prohibitively expensive or no longer available.

Cancellation fees

If you must cancel, payments will be refunded, less a fee PER PERSON (not per booking). Slickrock will refund 50% of the deposit if cancelled more than 60 days before the trip, no deposit refund less than 60 days out, and no refund of deposit or final balance if cancelled 30 days out.

Trip insurance

As of 15th February 2022, mandatory Belizean travel insurance for all foreign tourists is required at a cost of US$18 per person.

It can also be purchased upon arrival at Philip Goldson International Airport, Santa Elena Border (Northern Border), or the Belize Western Border. It is best purchased online, prior to arrival. You can get it at the airport, but it will delay clearing customs and immigration in a timely manner.

As of 1st March 2022, there is no Covid test required to enter Belize, only if you are fully vaccinated. The Belize government’s requirement at this moment in time is a negative Rapid Antigen test 48 hours before arrival, or a negative PCR test 96 hours before arrival, only if you aren’t fully vaccinated. To date, no approval has been granted by Ministry of Health for the importation of Antigen Home Tests by any manufacturer. Therefore, results from these tests are not accepted for entry to Belize.
A nationwide curfew was in place from April 1st 2020, until 1st March 2022.

Slickrock trip cancellation

If Slickrock has to cancel a trip we have collected deposits on, we reserve the right to do so if unforeseen circumstances make trip cancellation unavoidable. If cancellation is necessary, all of your money will be refunded, but our financial liability shall be limited to the amount actually paid and shall not be extended to cover any other costs incurred by the trip member.

Itinerary changes

We reserve the right to make changes in the itinerary if necessary due to weather conditions or other factors beyond our control. No refund is given if this occurs.

Unused services

No partial refunds or credits will be given for unused services such as hotel rooms or meals. Our trips are quoted as a package; credits are not given for services not used. No refunds will be given for any reason once the trip has begun.

COVID-19 Amendment

If you are unable to travel due to restrictions placed on your home country or Belize by the government(s) or airlines, or if the resort is unable to open due to government restrictions, any paid bookings are eligible for an insurance claim through your policy with