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Slickrock Belize Private Island Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Our managers, tour guides, chefs and other support staff will ensure that your Slickrock adventure is as enjoyable as it is memorable.

Whether learning how to windsurf or sampling home-cooked Belizean meals, you’ll find our team to be passionate, knowledgeable, and always wearing a smile.

Cully Erdman

With over 50 years of guiding experience, and founding Slickrock from a concept to a well-respected outfitter, Cully has extensive experience leading kayak trips with an emphasis on instruction and participation.

From 1977 – 2019, Cully created, managed, and personally guided Slickrock tours in the US, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and Belize, with the latter being our focus since 1986.

He has extensive knowledge, is an avid adventurer, and led numerous expeditions even before Slickrock. That passion and sense of adventure culminated in a hobby becoming a very interesting career, as well as the spirit of what Slickrock is to this very day.

Cully was named one of the “Top 100 Paddlers of the Century” by Paddler magazine in their year-end 2000 issue. He has also been featured in shows on ABC, ESPN, TBS and Discovery.

Cully remains with Slickrock on a consultancy basis and spends every summer at The Gorge, but home is still Moab, Utah.

Lucy Wallingford

Lucy joined Slickrock in 1986. As Vice-President and office manager, Lucy was heavily involved with Cully to develop our Belize programmes from their inception. She used to guide in Belize, including Glover’s Reef from 1986-2019 and is responsible for our renowned menu.

Lucy was at the end of almost every phone call, email, letter, or fax for every single one of those 33 years. She and Cully created something from nothing, and it is a huge feat to have grown from humble beginnings in Moab, Utah, to an international tour company, at one point operating in five countries.

Lucy even met Queen Elizabeth II in Belize, during a winter’s stint managing Slickrock in 1994.

Lucy remains with Slickrock as a consultant. An avid backpacker, she spends her spare time hiking the desert terrain near Moab, Utah, where she still lives.

Charlie Woodward

Charlie was island manager for Slickrock since 1999. He was absolutely key to keeping the island infrastructure working, which is no mean feat in the tropics, combined with the corrosive salt spray out at Glover’s Reef.

Charlie designed, installed, and maintained the island’s solar, wind, water filtration, battery storage, and more.

This expertise is based upon his renewable energy business back in Idaho, which he ran for decades.

He discovered sea kayaking and warm-whitewater on a trip to New Zealand in 1990, and has been part of Slickrock’s Belize operations with Cully and Lucy, to it’s next chapter under new management.

He spends most of his year in Idaho, where prior to retirement, he was a geologist, community college teacher, outdoor educator, and outdoor adventure guide.

He is still involved with Slickrock and has helped train our Belizean team to take over management longer-term.

Doreth Lewis

Doreth joined Slickrock in 2022. He has a real passion for marine life, ever since a friend introduced him to diving, whilst still in college.

Previous employment initially started off at well-known resort Hamanasi, in his village, Hopkins, Stann Creek District.

This was the spot where he climbed from guide, to dive master, to dive instructor.

He moved on to Kanatik, then Off The Wall at Long Caye for seven years (where Phil met him in 2011), to being General Manager of Belize Underwater in Hopkins for five years.

Doreth’s older brother John was one of Slickrock’s original guides since the early 1990s and brought him out to Glover’s Reef when he was young. That same passion for marine life and the underwater world is still burning, and we are happy he’s joined the Slickrock family.

Alben David

Alben is from Dangriga, Stann Creek District. He is a natural at sea, having vast experience as captain, fisherman, tour guide, and dive instructor.Although Alben has been a captain since 2004, he started driving boats at the age of seven. His dad Junior (long-term friend of Slickrock) introduced him to the world of boating. Since then, he’s been to neighboring countries several times as a captain, in particular Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.In addition to being a boat captain, Alben has been a tour guide since 2014. His guiding experience has included working with Pelican Beach Resort, Thatch Caye, Blue Marlin Lodge, Reef’s End, as well as Isla Marisol Resort out at Glover’s Reef.A friendly, humble persona, matched with passion for the marine life, he’s a great addition to the Slickrock team, as of 2022.

Mario Chub

Mario is from Santa Theresa, Toledo District, and of Ketchi Maya descent.

He grew up surrounded by the rainforest, and has a degree in Applied Sciences and Sustainable Agriculture.

In 2013, he became a tour guide. For three years he was based at Southwest Caye, Glover’s Reef as a marine guide, then between Tobacco Caye, South Water Caye, and Billy Hawke, Light House; Half Moon Caye.

Mario is a Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Instructor, and Advanced Stand Up Paddling instructor.

When off from work, he splits his time between the jungle and personal farm.

Friendly, energetic, and always happy, he’s a great addition to the team, as of 2022.

Aurora Roches

Aurora is from Dangriga, Stann Creek District. She joined Slickrock in 1999, and is a highly talented chef making our delicious Belize cuisine.

Fresh rice, made from the coconuts picked the very same day is just one delicious part of the menu.

In the early days, Aurora also helped with the thatching of the kitchen and other cabanas, painting, and construction, so has had a large role in building up the island from the very early days.

We really admire her dedication and friendliness, as you’ll notice when you visit.

Lavern Garcia

Lavern first joined Slickrock from 2000 – 2001, coming back into the fold in 2004, after the brief hiatus.

She comes from Hopkins Village, Stann Creek District.

As a chef out on the island, she has great cooking skills. As you will notice behind the scenes on your visit, she’s busy baking fresh bread for breakfast every morning whilst you’re fast asleep in the early hours, to making lunch and dinner whilst you’re busy on a kayak.

Lavern has an infectious smile and a lovely persona, which you’ll see on the island.

Marcy Norales

Marcy joined Slickrock as chef back in 2004, and is from Dangriga, Stann Creek District.

She is dedicated and hardworking, with a great sense of humour.

Marcy oversees the food supplies, with years of first-hand experience on the island.

Martin Ramirez

Martin originally came to the island to help with the construction and thatching of the cabanas during the off-season in the 1990s. He was invited to work for Slickrock in 2005 and takes such good care of the island grounds with a genuine smile on his face.

Martin is of Ki’che Maya descent and originally from Guatemala, but has lived in Belize for nearly three decades and resides in Silk Grass, Stann Creek District.

You will likely see Martin expertly cut open fresh coconuts with a machete throughout your stay.

Landy Baltazar

Landy joined Slickrock in 2022 and is from Dangriga, Stann Creek District.

Previous experience includes carpentry, and electrical work, he is also a dab hand at construction, which is ideal for the island’s ongoing upgrades and repairs.

From keeping the plumbing and electricity, to water and cabana repairs, he is working behind the scenes on island maintenance, groundskeeping during your stay.

He’s hard working, very centred, with a calm aura, and a great addition to the Slickrock family.

Buck Nunez

Buck joined Slickrock in 2022 as boat captain, having formerly been captain for Wildlife Conservation Society, at Middle Caye, the adjacent island.

He is from Hopkins, Stann Creek District, although he currently lives in Belize City, Belize District.

Buck actually worked for Slickrock as the in-house fisherman back in 1999. He used to be up (way) before the crack of dawn at 3 am, and head out on Slickrock’s boat “Small Boy” to reel in fresh catch of the day, whilst guests were fast asleep.

Daniel Noralez

Daniel is from Dangriga, Stann Creek District, with a background in construction, as a mason, carpenter, electrician, and even helped build Dangriga hospital.

He joined the Slickrock team in 2022 during the off-season, and worked so well that he’s been invited back to the grounds section.

You’ll notice Daniel always has a friendly smile.

Wilson Asencio

Wilson joined Slickrock in 2021. He was born and raised in San Ignacio, Cayo District, but now lives in Pomona, Stann Creek District.

With a variety of previous roles, from construction to bartender, waiter to front desk reservations, his path led to becoming an experienced tour guide.

His guiding let him follow his passion for birding and biking, alongside ziplining in the jungles of Belize, Mayan ruins, and marine tours to various islands, including Glover’s Reef. He brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the guiding team.

Carlos Guerra

Carlos is from the border town of Benque Viejo del Carmen (“Benque”), Cayo District, in the west of Belize. He worked for Slickrock for eight years. After a five year absence, as of 2022, he is back in the team.

Carlos has extensive experience as a tour guide in Belize, has travelled, and kayaked in both the US and Canada since he originally left the business.

With a passion for the sea, a great knowledge of the reef ecology and fish identification, Carlos is a yet again part of the family.

Philip Dowsett

Phil is manager of Slickrock, and a former zookeeper, originally from Hertfordshire, England (a stone’s throw north of London).

In 2008, he first visited Belize, and has known founders Cully and Lucy since December 2010, first visiting the island with Cully in July 2011.