Planning Other Belize Activities

What to Do in Belize Starts Here

Our Belize vacations focus on water sports, both in the jungle and on our private island at Glovers Atoll. Many of our guests use one of our multi-day trips as a nucleus of a longer vacation. This section will help planning your extra days.

[photo credit at top of page: Patti Bleifuss]
free belize map

Free Belize Map

Our Belize map will help you visualize your entire vacation. In addition to major roads and islands, it includes National Parks, Mayan ruins, the caves of Belize, as well as major cities, towns and villages. Just fill out our form and we’ll send it to you!

Jaguar at the Belize Zoo
Patti Bleifuss

Things to Do in Belize

We have over 30 years of experience in Belize. This page includes all of our recommendations of other things to do and places to stay in this exciting Central American country.

Snorkeling at "The Aquarium", about a 1/2 mile from our island
Jason Lee

Suggested Belize Itineraries for a Longer Trip

Many Belize explorers want to spend more than a week with us. This section will help you create a longer itinerary by stringing our packages together, or adding other activities on your own at the beginning or end of your adventure with us.

Running the Caves Branch underground river
Kris Baird

One Day Tours for Groups

We are a multi-day tour company. But for a group of eight or more we will charter a one-day tour out of Belize City to nearby ruins and rivers. This might fit in perfectly with the rest of your all inclusive family vacation.