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Belize Travel Tips

Belize Travel Tips and Advice

Our Hints For a Better Vacation

We’ve been doing this a long time, and we noticed that many people make the same mistakes. This page is to educate you about the common pitfalls of travel to our island in Belize, and how to avoid them.

Belize Money

This page is about everything you need to know about money in Belize: the exchange rate, how to carry cash, how much cash to bring, what to do about tipping on our adventure trips, if it’s possible to get cash while in Belize, and other issues about money and cash.

What to Bring to Belize

Belize adventure travel does require some really good gear to take advantage of all the fun there is to be had. In a nutshell, we provide the big stuff, like kayaks, boards, sails, paddles, and lifejackets. You provide the small stuff like fishing gear, snorkel gear, flashlight, booties, dive skin. This page provides detailed information on what to look for when buying your sport equipment for the trip.

Request Packing List

Use this form to request not only the packing list for your trip but also trip itineraries, Belize maps, our FAQ sheet, and other important information about your trip with us.