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Belize Adventure Travel: Offshore Tropical Islands


December 1999

Compiled by the Editors

Belize Photo by Lucy Wallingford


Trip Finder, Modern Maturity article


We've all had the desert-island fantasy: palm trees, beachfront cottages, coconuts, blue water, and nobody around. Well, that's Long Caye, one of Belize's innumerable offshore islands and protected by Glover's Atoll. Paddle on.


Difficulty: moderate

Lodging: cabanas

Price: $14-1800

Basics: Trip length: 6 - 9 days, Prime Time: Dec - Mar


For information on this trip contact Slickrock Adventures: (800)390-5715.


...and by the way: Sea kayaks are more stable and easier to paddle than tippy whitewater kayaks. Beginners can get the hang of it after an hour of instruction (given by guides).