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Adventure Island at Glover's Reef








Adventure Island at

Glover's Reef


Fri/ Tue start; 9, 6, or 5 nights

$2350 pp, full week; all-inclusive

$1625 pp, 1st half; all-inclusive

$1475 pp, 2nd half; all-inclusive


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The 100 Best Trips on the Planet


April, 2004

Story by David Noland

Photography by Jake Norton and Keith Fialcowitz 


The 100 best trips on the planet-Men's Journal article

WANT TO BE ON TOP OF EVEREST WITH THESE GUYS? How about wreck-diving in the Pacific, whitewater rafting in Patagonia, Belize diving, or skiing at the South Pole? We chose the world's 50 best outfitters, then asked them about their coolest, newest, most thrilling trips. Here's your ticket to the experience of a lifetime.


Regional Specialists: Belize, Men's Journal article


Local Heroes-Central America

SLICKROCK ADVENTURES It's an odd name for a company that does sea kayak Belize trips. Never mind: At their 13-acre private island kayakers, snorkelers, and divers explore one of the world's richest ecosystems. This is one of the premier kayaking trips in Central America.


CLASSIC TRIP The Belize Adventure Week takes in 14 activities off-shore and on the mainland, including five miles of underground whitewater rafting ($2,195). 800-390-5715 or