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Adventure Island at Glover's Reef

Adventure Island at

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Fri/ Tue start; 9, 6, or 5 nights

$2250 pp, full week; all-inclusive

$1565 pp, 1st half; all-inclusive

$1395 pp, 2nd half; all-inclusive


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Belize Private Island Vacation

When Slickrock first moved out to Glover's Reef Atoll in 1992 our goal was to develop an island resort in Belize that feels non-developed. Obviously if you build a building, that’s some level of development. But throughout the Caribbean there are very few facilities that are this rustic by design, or that offer this many activities just outside your room.


Amazing photo of our island by Wes Bader, he was flying over and took this shot! Great New Long Caye, Belize picture!


Long Caye Belize at Glover's Reef


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Click on photo below to see a full-screen panorama of our island


Long Caye, Belize


Long Caye at Glover's Reef

Don't expect a traditional hotel on our private island. On Long Caye development means fifteen cabanas on the beach, a well-stocked kitchen, solar-powered water pumps, a composting toilet, three dozen sea kayaks, a bunch of sailboards, surf boards, fishing kayaks, and surf kayaks, and a dive shop (the only thing not owned by Slickrock). There is no maid service and there are no air conditioners or flush toilets. But there is a fridge permanently loaded with Fantas and Belikin beer. It all represents the best side of adventure travel - right down to the Belizean guides who guide you to new snorkel spots all day and then join you for dinner.


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Looking east at Long Caye, the famous dive site, "The Wall" is visible in the lower left corner. The other side of the atoll, 6.5 miles away, is visible in the top of the photo.


Want to see our island accommodations? Visit that page for more images.


Click to visit our accommodations page with more photos of our cabanas.Q: How does your Adventure Island resort compare to Turtle Inn (in Placencia) or Captain Morgans (on Ambergris Caye)?

That is actually a very easy question to answer, because those places are so completely different from our resort, that we would venture to say that if you would like a facility like those, you wouldn't like our place, and visa versa.

Those two resorts are high end, very very nice, but what one would call a standard resort. You will find similar places in Florida and other Caribbean islands. Each of those are one of the higher end places in a huge resort area, where a short walk would bring you to dozens of other resorts, and up to 2000 other tourists at a time.

Our place is an adventure eco-resort. We have our own island, we never have more than 38 guests at a time. We don't use generators, therefore we don't have standard electricity. We are powered by the sun and wind with a little bit of propane to chill the beer. We don't have flush toilets or heated showers.
Belize beach cabana
Our cabanas sit right on the beach, very very private, very exclusive, but not fancy at all. You have to walk to your shared bathroom. No maid stops by your room, ever. At the end of the week when you leave, the boss cleans it for the next person.

We have the best collection, without any competition at all, of sports gear in the country. We have expert, enthusiastic guides and we teach and guide sea kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayak surfing, kayak fishing, paddleboarding, kitesurfing, and board surfing.

Belize snorkelingYou can snorkel right off shore.The diving at Glover's Reef is the best in the country. At either of the other resorts mentioned, all snorkeling must be accessed by boats. Our place is really remote, the underwater world is pristine. We have the only surf break in the country not breaking on live coral, so we have surfing too.

It's basic, and incredibly beautiful, but it's not for everyone.  If you come from a camping background, you would call our place "cushy"... if you are new to adventure travel, you will call it "rustic". Our guests come back year after year, you won't find this kind of experience anywhere else. Every week we hear from our guests that this has been the best vacation of their lives. And our food is fantastic too!


Don't hesitate to give us a call: (800) 390-5715, or send us an email:

We've been working in Belize since 1986 and would love to hear from you.


Sea kayaking off Long Caye, Glover's Reef, Belize

Belize Water Sport Center

We focus on adventure sports. Our Belize water sports center features all of the sports toys anyone could want!


This Caribbean private island is unique in that you can snorkel right off shore. Most islands require a boat ride to get to snorkeling spots. Vixit our Belize snorkeling page to see more about what you see while snorkeling. Island volleyball, Belize






Other Island Sports

We play volleyball every single day. Our court is the site of intensive action every afternoon!




To see more about what we do each day, visit our Typical Day on the Island page.




Our boat, Batfish, parked at our house in Belize City





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Transport to the Island

Our private charter boat, Batfish, goes to the island from our private dock in Belize City (pictured at right) each Wednesday and Saturday. The cost of the charter is included in the all-inclusive package cost. To see a list of everything that is included, and to read more about the crossing to the island, visit our Glover's Reef Additional Information page.


Kids love our Belize trips!

Families at Long Caye


Kid's love our trips! Read more about kids on our island trips by visiting our Belize Family Resort Vacations page

"This was a trip to fantasy island. I found the trip on-line and was thrilled when we arrived on the island to find it even better than we expected. The entire family voted this the best vacation ever and that means a great deal since we have taken some awesome trips.."

Josee Cox, Great Falls, VA

Adventure Island at Glover's Reef. December 2005



Long Caye at Glover's Reef island map


Map of Slickrock's facility on Long Caye, Belize


Long Caye location (type this into Google Earth): 16.75559,-87.77957


Patch reefs where we snorkel are to the right of the island in this photo. Middle Caye, at the top of the photo, is 2.5 miles away.

There is No Substitute for Having Your Own Island

Long Caye at Glover's Reef, Belize rivals Half Moon Caye in beauty and is much less visited. When traveling all the way to Caribbean islands....make the extra effort to visit the most beautiful and remote island in the country. Long Caye is just a drop in the ocean. Other Belize resorts cannot compete with our location. We have the ultimate spot for Belize adventure travel AND PADI dive courses. Our Belize FAQ page answers specific questions about our Belize packages based on our Caribbean island.

Long Cayes surf spot just behind the island

Looking for a surf trip?

You can see our surf break in the photo at left.


Perched on the brink of the continental shelf, our island base of Long Caye lies on the slender coral ring of Glover's Reef, an atoll 35 miles offshore from Dangriga, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. We’ve made sure our entire Water Sports Center blends into the undeveloped, natural atmosphere of this tropical island, unspoiled by the modern world.