Belize  Island  Accommodations

Beach Cabanas on Long Caye at Glover’s Reef, Belize

Featured on the cover of Outside magazine, our Long Caye resort was built to preserve the island in its natural state, and our lodge facilities are rustic by design. Guests love their beach huts, each complete with a porch overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Long Caye at Glover's Reef Beach cabana

Long Caye at Glover’s Reef Beach cabana
Cully Erdman

Five Star Camping – Belize Beach Huts

This is the most luxurious Belize family resort “base camp” you’ve ever seen! Our spacious island (13.5 acres) and rustic facilities ensure your comfort without compromising the adventure of living on an undeveloped and uncrowded island.

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Private Island Lodging

You’ll notice our windows on our beach huts don’t have screens and we don’t use mosquito netting. This is because we have a rare island in Belize where bugs really aren’t a problem, and when they are present, we treat the mosquitoes so that they go away!

A perfect way to start the day
Steve Skrocki

Everyone stays in beach-front huts, perched above the surf. Each cabana has beds in the main part of the cabin, and a large porch with hammocks and lounge chairs. Luggage benches and a small closet are provided and the cabins are lit with solar-powered lights.

Relaxing on your cabana porch
Lucy Wallingford

No air-conditioning is necessary since the ever-present breeze keeps the temperatures well below what they are on the mainland. There is no plumbing in the cabanas, for a complete description of bathroom facilities visit our Island Facilities page.

Long Caye cabana, Belize
Lee Ann Walker

We have seven double-bed cabanas and the rest have two or three single beds. Most of our cabanas sleep 2, but some sleep 3 and some sleep 4; one duplex sleeps 6. Families of 3 will be roomed together, depending on the ages of family members.

Double occupancy is a necessity when trips are full, so single travelers may be roomed with another single traveler of the same gender.

We cannot reserve specific cabanas in advance as the trip leader must consider the needs of everyone in the group before assigning cabanas.

Glover's Reef Belize beach cabin interior
Wil Thijssen

We provide mattresses, linens, blankets, and pillows.

Everyone loves their cabana!
Keith Fialcowitz

And, best of all, a hammock with your name on it is waiting under the palms!

Each porch has a hammock waiting just for you
Steve Skrocki