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Adventure Island at Glover's Reef

Adventure Island at

Glover's Reef


Fri/ Tue start; 9, 6, or 5 nights

$2145 pp, full week; all-inclusive

$1495 pp, 1st half; all-inclusive

$1325 pp, 2nd half; all-inclusive


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Belize Adventure Week

Belize Adventure Week


Sat - Sat, 8 nights

$2450 pp


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Kite surfing Belize



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Kitesurfing Lessons in Belize

Slickrock has partnered with Vela Kitesurf Resorts on Long Caye. Ours is the only Vela kitesurf center in Belize!


Lessons are available December - March only.




Kitesurf lesson on Long Caye


Kite Surfing Lesson Prices

Each session lasts approx. 3 hours


Single student session

$200 for one morning or afternoon session


Two student session

$150 per student for one morning or afternoon session


Practice session

$100 for one morning or afternoon session


Skills such as basic kite control. body dragging, power strokes, board recovery, waterstart and upwind reaches will be taught in a progression of lessons out on the sand flats near the island.

Kitesurfing Conditions

Our teaching location is unique and guarantees a fast learning curve. Our incredibe sand flats allow for uninterrupted practice, typically 2 miles downwind. This allows for continous skills development throughout the lesson. In other locations a considerable amount of any lesson is spent making your way up wind or returing back upwind inbetween body dragging. This is simply not necessary at Glover's which allows for accelerated learning and quick progression through skills. Lesson progress is tailored to the individuals and low ratio instructor : student lessons allow students to progress at a speed with which are comfortable and confident.

Kitesurfing Instruction Particulars

Lessons can be pre-booked or booked on the island. You don't pay until after the lesson is completed.Belize kitesurf


Equipment insurance is required for students taking kiteboard lessons.


Beginners are extremely tough on the gear, and although we expect normal wear and tear over time, we have seen students destroy brand new, $1,000 kites in a single session. Rather than ask students to accept complete liability for the gear if they ruin it, we use an insurance fee to spread the risk in the event of major damage. Fees are $15 per student for each lesson.

Kite lessons in Belize

What difference is there between a lesson and a practice session?

A lesson includes full instruction for the entire time you are out on the sand flats. A practice session is only available to guests who are fully independent in their kitesurfing skills. A practice session is simply supervised rental. You get a launch and a pickup, and no instruction. A practice session is allowed at the discretion of the kiteboard instructor only, it is designed for people who have begun to start riding but do not yet have the ability to ride upwind.


Because those kiteboarding on their own are expected to be proficient enough to self-rescue, anyone requiring a rescue will be charged a $50 per rescue for a motorboat pickup.Guests may buddy-up and rescue each other using kayaks to avoid this additional charge.


Kiteboarders who feel they may need a rescue but don’t want a full lesson can sign up for the supervised practice sessions also available at $100/session. If you go out for a practice session, but actually needed a full lesson once you go out, the practice session could turn into a full lesson ($200/session) if you require this much instruction.


Is the $100 for a practice session for one person only?

Yes, due to the nature of the area we work in. During the course of a session you go downwind about 1-2 miles. There is no way for one person to be on foot following the other person to take over the gear halfway through.


Could two people share a set of gear, taking turns, for a practice session?

No, see answer above. The only exception would be if both people could ride upwind, in which case you could share a morning or afternoon practice session.


What if I don't need lessons?

Kiteboarders will want to experience the excellent Belize kitesurfing conditions at our location (see Belize kiteboarding page for further details). As a Vela associate Slickrock maintains a selection of late model equipment for our guests; kiteboarders who wish to kitesurf on their own should bring their own kites and Slickrock provides boards so guests will not have to deal with airline hassles in transporting them.



Kiteboard Equipment






Belize kiteboard gear

2010 - 4 and 14 meter Switchblade by Cabrinha
2012 - 7 and 12 meter Switchblade by Cabrinha
2013 - 7 and 9 meter Switchblade by Cabrinha
2013 - 2.0 meter trainers by Ocean Rodeo


Surf (directional) by Cabrinha:
2010 5’ 7” S-Quad
2010 6’ 1” S-Quad
2010 6’ 3” Thruster

Twin tips, by Cabrinha:
2010 130x40, Caliber
2011 136, 144 Prodigy
2012 135, 145 Rival



Kitesurf School Raft visit our blog to see images of our one-of-a-kind custom raft


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Request complete information on our Belize adventure packages.


Belize wind graph - Glover's Reef


Kitesurf Belize

The island commonly sees wind in the 10 -15 mph range (80% of the time), and 20 mph winds or better are seen about 30% of the time. A 12 meter kite is probably one’s best bet for an all-round kite size for the island, although it is always nice to have a 9 meter kite option in case it is a high wind week. Unlike other more accessible islands in Belize (Ambergris, Caye Caulker) there is very little boat traffic. And the water is 80 degrees!


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There is no way to predict the surf or wind conditions for a specific date!



Surf Report for Belize and Honduras


Surf Forecast for the Gulf of Mexico and Yucatan region


Glover's Reef wind and waves


Looking for wind or wave information for our island? Follow the link above to a satellite buoy station with wind and wave information, located 31 miles WNW of our island, right in the area where we cross the Blue on our way to Glover's Reef.


Questions about kiteboarding? Send us an email: or call (800) 390-5715