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Kiteboarding Belize

Kiteboarding Vacations at a Remote Atoll

Kitesurf Belize on your adventure holiday! Slickrock has the only Vela Kitesurf Resorts in the country, and the only kitesurf center at Glovers Atoll Belize! Lessons are available December – March only, but you can kitesurf through April with your own gear.


Kiteboarding Vacations

Belize kiteboarding at our island is not available without purchasing a Belize island package. We are located far out to sea, which is one of the reasons it is such a fabulous place; we experience none of the crowding found in other parts of Belize. There is no way to visit our island only for the day, a 5-night package (3 nights on the island) is our minimum as our private boat charter only goes to and from the island two days a week. Packages include hotels and meals in Belize City before and after the trip, transport to and from the island, accommodations and meals on the island, soda and beer on the island, and kayak and other sports gear and instruction.  Mandatory sport instructional sessions are offered before using our gear, for more information on this see our Belize FAQ page. We specialize in Belize multisport trips; we aren’t just a kiteboarding destination! For a complete summary of all the sea sports we offer, visit our adventure sports equipment page.

While on a kite vacation at Long Caye, we require that you use the buddy system for each sport you wish to experience. The buddy system is different for each sport, and that’s explained during the orientation. For example, a buddy while snorkeling is someone snorkeling with you, but a buddy while kiteboarding is a person on shore paying attention to your location and notifying us if you need assistance. During lessons or scheduled activities, guides are on hand monitoring your progress and a buddy may not be necessary, since the guide or instructor is effectively your buddy.

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Kiteboarding in Belize

Kiteboarding at Adventure Island

Glover’s Reef, where our island is located, is one of the least crowded areas in the country and one of the top Belize vacation resorts. There’s no one out there kiteboarding except us! There are two options for kiteboarding at our island:

If you are experienced, bring your own kites, harnesses, and assorted gear, and you can use our boards as part of your all-inclusive package. No other gear is available to rent.

If you are a beginner, or don’t own your own gear, you will use our Belize kitesurf school. All kiteboarding gear is included with lessons. Advanced kitesurfing lessons are available December – March only.

Kiteboarding for Kids

There is a minimum age of 12 for kiteboarding lessons, which involves leaving the island by raft and traveling about 2 miles to our kitesurf area, which is a bit deeper. Please see the Kitesurfing Lessons page for more about availability of kitesurfing for kids between the ages of 12 and 15. The minimum age limit is due to kids needing to be of a certain size, height, and weight to be able to handle the gear.

It may be possible to take somewhat younger children under perfect conditions with a parent along to assist on a single-student lesson. This is up to the kitesurf instructor on site, and cannot be figured out in advance.

We will loan you a board

By having a full selection of twin tip and directional boards available, kiters will only have to bring their kites, lines, and harnesses to avoid the hassle of traveling with boards.

Slickrock does not provide kites or other kitesurfing gear except for school use.

We recommend kiteboarders bring two sizes of kites, a 14-16m and a 9-12m to cover the average conditions found on the island.


Slickrock Kiteboards

Surf (directional) by Cabrinha2010 5’ 7” S-Quad
2010 6’ 3” Thruster

Twin tips, by Cabrinha
2010 130×40, Caliber
2011 136, 144 Prodigy
2012 135, 145 Rival
2014 165 Spectrum
2016 141 Tronic

Twin tips, by Open Ocean
2014 140 Mako

Kitesurfing Conditions

Our island is situated on the reef separating the open sea from the calm water lagoon of the atoll, allowing kiteboarders opportunities to enjoy both easy and rough water conditions.

We have an excellent beach launch site into the lagoon with plenty of space free from obstacles. In addition, our surf break is very kite friendly and immediately accessible off the front point of the island, and it normally sees a cross break wind that is perfect for setting up jumps.The open sea provides unlimited reaches in large swells, while the lagoon is perfect for high speed, smooth water runs. Although the lagoon has many patch reef obstacles, there is plenty of room to avoid them and we commonly run out on 3 mile reaches.

Best Months for Kiteboarding Belize

The island commonly sees wind in the 10 -15 mph range (80% of the time), and 20 mph winds or better are seen about 30% of the time. A 12 meter kite is probably one’s best bet for an all-round kite size for the island, although it is always nice to have a 9 meter kite option in case it is a high wind week (after March 1, bring a 14 meter instead of a 9 meter.) Unlike other more accessible islands in Belize (Ambergris, Caye Caulker) there is very little boat traffic. And don’t forget, the water is 80 degrees!

Surf Forecast for the Gulf of Mexico and Yucatan region

Glover’s Reef wind and waves

Please remember, there is no way to predict the surf or wind conditions for a specific date!

Wave Kiting

Although Long Caye has an excellent surf break that is ideal for paddleboards and surf kayaks, it is not usually optimal for wind sports. Both windsurfers and kitesurfers like a ‘side shore’ wind direction to surf waves, which is when the wind blows parallel, or nearly so, to the wave break. This allows wind powered boards to power up across the break, which is the direction a board naturally takes on a wave while surfing. Long Caye’s wave, however, usually experiences an onshore wind, blowing in the same direction as the wave break, or an off shore wind, which blows against the break. Either of these directions do not present favorable conditions for wind powered surfing.

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