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Kayak Rolling Lessons

Our island is the perfect place to learn the kayak eskimo roll. In addition to all of the other sports we offer, our staff can teach you to roll easily with the perfect conditions we have on the island.


Above you can see our company president, Cully Erdman, helping with the set-up, the first step in the kayak roll. Mastering the "Sweep"


What better place to learn how to roll in a kayak than where the water is 80 degrees?


Here Cully is helping his student with the sweep, the second step of learning to roll. In addition to 80 degree water, we teach rolling while you wear your snorkel mask. Then you can see your paddle position, and no more water up in your nose! Easy!


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Rolling a kayak in Belize



After the sweep, you do the final step, the hip snap. Here Cully helps bring the boat up. Once you feel the roll in this way, it's easy to practice and continue to improve. In no time at all you can roll without any assistance!






The kayak roll, hip snap in progress


We teach using river kayaks rather than the sea kayaks we are using daily. It's a smaller boat, and so much easier to bring up when you are learning. We have several river kayaks for different size people, and spray skirts to fit all sizes too. We also use river kayak paddles rather than sea kayak paddles.


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Sea kayak roll and whitewater kayak roll is taught at Long Caye at Glover's Reef.



He's up!


Once you master your roll here in the calm waters of our lagoon, you can take the boats out into our Belize surf spot, right off our island! We have the only safely surfable surf in Belize! This is the perfect place to practice your kayak combat roll!


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