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This sport is taking off for one reason. Because you catch more fish!

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Have You Ever Thought of Fishing From a Kayak?

Kayak fly-fishing is one of the rising trends among dedicated anglers. People who have heard about fishing at Glover’s Reef now have the opportunity to use our top-of-the-line, new fishing kayaks as an alternative to wading in from shore or fishing off of our dock. This allows fishermen to be able to fish in places where they might otherwise feel they need to hire a fishing guide and boat (at several hundred dollars/day). Read more about sport fishing at Glover's Reef, Belize and what tackle to bring on our Belize fishing page.

. Winter fishing in rigged fishing kayaks

Kayak Fishing for Beginners!

Paddling a fishing kayak is easier than you might think, and we include this instruction. Fishing kayaks are wider than sea kayaks to prevent them from tipping over while casting. They also use anchors and pontoons to stabilize the craft.




Flyfishing Belize from sea fishing kayaksWe did the research to find the best fishing kayaks available. Our new fishing kayaks have tackle storage, rod holders, fish holds, anchors, and we also have specialized lifejackets. With the versatility and stealth advantages of a sit-on-top kayak, sport fishermen can more easily access our fantastic fishing spots. Most of the sand flats at Glover’s Reef are too deep to wade, so you need a fishing kayak to take advantage of all of the ocean fishing opportunities in this seldom-fished area of Belize.

Coastal kayak fishing in Belize


Bonefish and permit are the most common game fish found inside the atoll. The atoll sees very little sportfishing, so the fish populations are thriving, and there is a school of bonefish that lives right off the beach at the end of our island.






Commercial fishing guides from the mainland sometimes bring their guests 35 miles out to the spot where we just wade or paddle in, less than 100 feet from our shore!


fishing guide kayak ultimate

There’s more to kayaking than hopping aboard and paddling out to catch that bonefish with your name on it. On the first day we familiarize you with all of the parts of a standard kayak, as well as paddling, getting in and out of the boat while in the water, etc. Later you can check out our fishing kayaks and familiarize yourself with storing your gear onboard.


In addition to fishing inside the atoll, trolling on the outside reef can be very exciting. Conditions do not occur every trip for this activity, but huge grouper, dorado, permit, kingfish and marlin on the outer reef wall, which is only about 100 yards from your cabana!


Ocean Kayaking and Fishing at Glover's Reef


Fly fishing Belize

"The fishing was incredible; where else but Glover's Reef could you walk off shore and consistently catch good-sized bonefish and in such numbers! We also loved the fishing kayak. It was a great way to fish off shore on your own. Very stable boat. We also caught snapper and barracuda. If we were to choose a place to come bonefishing in the Caribbean, we would come back to Long Caye on Glovers Reef. On our last day, we were paddling back from a great snorkel and as we were approaching the beach, we saw a big shadow moving towards us in the water. In seconds we were surrounded by several hundred bonefish, several as long as our arms! Morgan quickly paddled back to the shore, put away his gear and ran to grab his fly rod. Within 3 casts, he had a bonefish on. We had a lighter rod than recommended, so it took a good 30 minutes and several runs to get the fish in. I love to fish, but it was so much fun watching him work that fish in. It was such a great way to end the trip, but it made it harder to leave!"
Dessa Dale, Gardiner MT
Adventure Island at Glover's Reef, December 2007

Kayak for fishing

Kayak Fishing Equipment

Kayaks: Ride 135 and Tarpon 160i by Wilderness Systems


Lifejackets: Stohlquist Fishing Jackets












We sell a detailed Belize map; here you can locate fishing sites throughout the country.