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Eco- Resort

The facilities at Long Caye are designed to compliment the rustic atmosphere we have created on the island. There is no other private island vacation that can rival the experience of spending a week on this remote and comfortable set-up. Although the primary focus of Slickrock's program on Long Caye are the water sports we enjoy everyday, guests always comment about the many wonderful amenities that made their island stay so memorable. Our all inclusive Belize trips take the work out of planning your dream adventure vacation. To see our more on our cabanas see our Belize Caye lodge accommodations page.


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Long Caye dining hall

Dining Hall

Our kitchen and dining hall, with open-air views of the lagoon and a neighboring island, become the center of island life, complete with solar-powered lights and refrigerators (cold beer and soda!), propane stoves and our ever-growing library and game selection. There is no dress code, and you don't have to wipe your feet! (The floor is coral sand.)


Long Caye dining hall interior






We spend hours in the dining hall; all meals are served here buffet-style

(see our island menu). Nightly talks on the coral reef, fish identification, tropical weather, pirates of the Caribbean, and other topics also take place here. At night we play games and listen to Reggae music before retiring to our private cabanas.


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Long Caye dining hall interior









Ready to learn more? Request our brochure.



Our sea kayak palapa on our private beach on a private island.



Sea Kayak Palapa

A large, private beach serves as our kayak and windsurfing staging area (see photo below). We have over 40 seats available in our kayak fleet. Single and double decked boats, sit-on-top kayaks, we have it all. Everyone gets their choice of boat since there are more boats than paddlers. And if you want to try several boats, that's no problem. It's a great place to try out different models.Our private beach by the sea kayak and surf kayak palapas.




We also have sea kayaks for specific body types. Some fit small women and older children, and some are for particularly tall people. We make sure that each person finds the boat that fits them. No other company in Belize can come close to the quality of our fleet of sea kayaks. Surf kayak palapa on Long Caye at Glover's Reef








Surf and Wind Palapa

Our surf/wind palapa houses our collection of windsurfers, surf boards, paddleboards, kiteboard training equipment, and surf kayaks. Our surf kayaks are high-performance sit-on-tops with planing hulls, fins, and molded seats. These boats are specifically designed for surfing and provide exhilarating rides on our perfect point break, just feet from our Dining Hall. A complete selection of windsurf boards and sails is also housed here. A full range of sail sizes is always rigged and ready to go, and whatever your level of expertise, we have the perfect board for you. We also have six brand new paddleboards. Island Paddleboards gear, Belize


All of this equipment is two steps away from the water, ready to go at anytime. For more information on kayak surfing, surfing, paddleboarding, kiteboarding, and windsurfing, see our pages that talk about these sports at length.





Windsurfing is best learned with a dry land trainer.





Dry Land Trainer

Slickrock boasts a dry land windsurf trainer set up in an open area on the beach, right behind the surf palapa. Here we conduct classes for beginners in this exciting sport. The trainer allows the student to practice basic skills and sail handling before entering the water, greatly accelerating the learning curve and enjoyment of this challenging sport. Our guides are expert windsurfing instructors. We teach from beginner through intermediate levels.






Guides stand right next to you, giving instructions. Guests who have never windsurfed before, after a few minutes on the trainer and using our new wide-style boards, commonly begin sailing well during their first session.Belize kitesurfing center






Kite and Windsurf Center

We offer advanced windsurfing and advanced kitesurfing, as well as beginner and intermediate levels in each sport. The advanced kitesurfing equipment is available to students taking lessons only, see our Belize kitesurfing lessons page.


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Surf dock on Long Caye, watching kayak surfing is almost as much fun as doing it!


Surf Dock

We have constructed a dock off the front side of the island that nearly reaches the surf line of our right-point surf break. This platform is a very-popular location to relax, have a drink, and watch the kayak surfers rip up the waves. Watching the surf "carnage" is often claimed to be a sport in itself!



Yoga on our surf dock





It's also a fantastic place for morning yoga!











Our volleyball court in Belize.

Volleyball Court

The island volleyball court is often the focus of the late afternoon happy hour crowd's entertainment. Our large sand court is located right behind the Dining Hall, where you can watch the action if you are not participating yourself. Raucous contests often go on until after dark and everyone is invited to participate to try and match their skills with our local staff. Jungle rules apply!


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Have questions about our island or about Belize?

Don't hesitate to give us a call: (800) 390-5715, or send us an email: slickrock@slickrock.com.

We've been working in Belize since 1986 and would love to hear from you.


Our hammock palapa is on the breeziest spot on the caye.

Hammock Palapa

One of the favored spots on the island, our hammock palapa is usually full after lunch. Situated to catch all breezes, it's a great place for an afternoon siesta before going out for another surf session.


Our hammock palapa is extremely popular during nap time.









Beach chairs in Belize







Beach Chairs

Don't worry about bringing your beach towel, we have beach chairs over the island!

Long Caye, Glover's Reef dock















Our showers are pumped by the sun.


Shower Station

We bathe with well water pumped by the sun (not heated, the showers are about 70 degrees). The shower stalls are completely private, and although they are located in a spot near all of the cabanas, there are no showers attached to each cabana.


Slickock's new bathhouse!











Have a specific question you can't find the answer to?

Fill out our form and let us know what you are seeking,

we typically answer the day we receive the email.





Women's urinal





Pictured at right is our women's restroom.


Pictured below is our shaving and wash station, supplied with fresh, running rainwater, all powered by solar power.








Our shaving station has running rainwater.


Composting toilets (below) complete our ecologically friendly set-up. Our composting toilet building was featured on the cover of Outside Magazine! Please note the bathroom facilities at our island require a walk of at least 50 feet from your cabana to the bathrooms.


Our composting toilet was featured on the cover of Outside magazine!













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Our island is powered with solar and wind power.

Renewable Power System

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Wind generator on Belize island.


We employ solar and wind-powered systems to supply all of our electrical needs.




Several solar battery stations are found throughout the island which power our lights, water pumps and communications. Our wind generator supplements the greater demands of the Dining Hall system.


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Island path, Belize island at Glover's Reef




Island Paths

Once you leave our open beach areas, you navigate the island on our system of trails that have been created to access the cabanas, showers and other buildings scattered around the caye. In addition, a loop trail circles the undeveloped west end of the island, with an interpretive guidebook that further discusses the flora and fauna found on the island.


Jogging on our path, Long Caye at Glover's Reef.


Jogging Trail

Our island loop path is enormously popular with joggers. One lap is about 2/3 of a mile.


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Nature Trail

Our new nature trail will teach you many things about the natural state of Belize islands. Covering island plants, erosion and storms, our osprey nest, the highest spot on the island (26.5 feet!), and our recycling and burning program, it is a wonderful way to spend the late afternoon on a sunny day on the island.


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Batfish, our private shuttle boat


Private Shuttle Boat

Batfish, Slickrock's 41' power boat, runs the 130-mile round trip to and from our island each Saturday and Wednesday. Powered by three new 200 hp engines, and fully covered for our guests' protection when crossing the open sea section of the run, Batfish makes the shuttle comfortable in all weather conditions. Interior of our boat, Batfish.






One cannot over-emphasize the importance of this aspect of our operation. Our captains are among the best in Belize. Bathrooms are available on board.