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Adventure Island at Glover's Reef








Adventure Island at

Glover's Reef


Fri/ Tue start; 9, 6, or 5 nights

$2350 pp, full week; all-inclusive

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$1475 pp, 2nd half; all-inclusive


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Where is Long Caye?

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Morning on the Island

Palm fronds rustle just outside your cabana, stirred by the last of night’s gentle breezes, as you wake to the ceaseless pounding of the surf, a little louder this morning than when you drifted off to sleep last night. It’s a new day on the island. Our island is a maze of conch shell lined paths.Orange rays of sunrise burst over the horizon and across the Caribbean, filling your cabana with bright, warm light. From your porch, the view of the open sea breaking on the reef just below is a stunningly beautiful reminder of where you are, and of the new adventures that lie ahead.


A short walk through the palms brings you to breakfast at Slickrock’s Dining Hall, where the smells of fresh baking bread and hot coffee greet you. Relax, you have arrived! You are on Belize time.


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After a hearty meal with all the fresh orange juice Launching for a paddle/snorkel off Long Caye.you can squeeze, your guide presents you with today’s menu of activities: this morning you get to choose between sea kayaking to snorkel out of the kayaks, followed by a low tide walk and windsurfing orientation. As always, scuba diving is also an option at the most remote dive sites of all the scuba diving centers in Belize.

Paddling to the Aquarium, about 1/2 mile from our island.

A Guided Kayaking Tour to Nearby Coral

Soon you’re at the kayak palapa, assembling your gear for a paddle out to one of the colorful patch reefs inside the atoll. After launching, your group follows the guide, gliding across the azure waters of the lagoon. You feel like you’re flying when you see your shadow on the bright sand below, as startled rays dart beneath your boat. You skirt above bright patches of coral until you reach the selected reef. The guide attaches your line to his moored kayak in preparation to dive.Snorkeling at The Aquarium, Glover's Reef, Belize


Jumping into the water, you enter another world. Colorful fish of every description dart among the coral outcroppings. You explore channels in the reef, winding between swaying sea fans and riding the ocean currents. Angel fish and eels peer from beneath huge brightly-colored brain corals, and you see tiny shrimp crawling out of tube sponges as you glide above them.


With the wind now behind us, the group skims back to the island with little effort, and enjoys a lunch of fresh ceviche and homemade tortillas before you head back to your porch for a siesta. The hammock doesn’t take long to work its magic as the warm sea breeze massages you to sleep.





Going out for another surf session!

Belize Surf Kayaking

Excited shouts awake you. Out on the point you see surf kayakers shooting across the waves. No time to waste, let’s get out there! In minutes you are paddling out to join the gang. Looking over your shoulder to catch the next wave, suddenly you are picked up by a surge and with a few strokes your surf kayak hurtles down the face of the wave. Remembering your instruction, you lean right and drag a paddle blade; your kayak turns and rips down the length of an endless green wall of water. The spray off the rail stings your face, and you can’t help but yell with the rush of speed. Watching Belize surfing from our surf dock on Long Caye.




A little later you get worn out with too much surfing. But you find a crowd taking a break on our surf dock. You feel like you are still a part of the action!











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The bone fishing is excellent right off our shore, just wade in!

Fly Fishing Off Our Shore

As the sun draws lower, you are too pleasantly exhausted to join the daily volleyball game, instead choosing to explore the low tide pools where starfish, urchins, and other creatures have appeared with the approach of night. Further beachcombing brings you around the corner where you meet some fly fishermen at the peak of their day. Just then you witness the culmination of their patience, as a bonefish hits and rips off 100 feet of line before being controlled. The fisherman proudly shows you his catch before letting it go. Mario and Coco


Together you stroll back down the island to the evening’s party. You pass Mario getting coconuts ready for dinner, supervised by Coco, our island bunny.


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Have questions about our island or about Belize?

Don't hesitate to give us a call: (800) 390-5715, or send us an email: slickrock@slickrock.com.



Learning to do the Punta, Belize's national dance.

Do the Punta

You show up just in time to join the sundowners all facing the falling red orb while enjoying a Belikin, Belize’s own beer. Everyone returns to the sand floor of the Dining Hall, where fresh grouper is being served to the sound of Punta Rock, the music of Belize. A dance party soon develops, and our local staff get carried away showing you how to do the Punta.


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Caribbean reef octopus off Long Caye, Glover's Reef, Belize.


See Octopus When Night Snorkeling

Just when you are sure that no more could be fit into one day, your local guide takes a group out night snorkeling, where you finally spot the octopus you have been wanting to see all week.








There's a hammock on Long Caye with your name on it.

Belize Island Magic 

Returning to your cabana, you prepare for bed. The warm breeze has stiffened, and although you shut the windows for the night, you can still hear the roar of the surf as you drift off dreaming of all that tomorrow holds. Only here, you experience the ultimate in overseas adventure travel.









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