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Included/Not Included | Trip Parameters | Extending Your Island Stay

Combining This Trip With Our Other Packages | Kids at Glover's Reef

The Boat Ride | Other Information You Can Order From US | Note on Tipping


Belize beach casita


* Accommodations listed in itinerary (double occupancy) includes bedding
* All transport and meals in itinerary
* Cold beer, soda, juice, and water on the island (other alcoholic beverages are available in Belize City)
* All kayaks, windsurfers, surf kayaks, surf boards, and accessories
* Sports instruction and guided activities (except as listed below), including beginning kitesurfing
* 3-8 staff, depends on group size
* Glover’s park entrance fees
* Fishing license for fishermen
* Sales and hotel taxes, all other fees
* Slickrock T-shirt

Kitesurfing right off our shore, Glovers Reef, Belize.






Not Included

* Flights to and from Belize
* Taxis to and from Belize Intl. Airport
* Dinner the last night back in Belize City
* Alcoholic beverages (beer is provided on the island)
* Any services not listed in itinerary
* Fees & equipment for scuba diving
* Fees for advanced kitesurfing
* Snorkeling gear (mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, or skin) (see Belize packing list)

* Fishing gear (we provide fishing kayaks)

* Tips for staff (see Note on Tipping)

* Any extra expenses due to late arrivals or delays
* Belize departure tax: approx. $40



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There are no hidden costs on this Belize all inclusive tour.

Scuba diving certification and advanced kitesurfing lessons are available at an additional cost.


Sea kayaking Belize Barrier Reef ecosystem.

Kayak Trip Parameters

Participants should be able to perform one continuous hour of moderate exercise without becoming overly fatigued.

If you would like a more vigorous adventure travel package, check out the level of our Belize Adventure Week vacation.

Age Limits:
Min.-3; max.-80

Weight Limits:
Sometimes prospective guests ask if we have boats that can hold a person of 240 lbs, for example. This is difficult to answer because it depends on the fitness of the individual. In general, persons over 200 lbs will not be able to do every sport we offer, unless they are young and very active already. Here are our best estimates for weight limits for each sport: river kayaks: 225 lbs; sea kayaks: 225 lbs; surf kayaks: 200 lbs; windsurfing: 225 lbs; fishing kayaks: 225 lbs; kitesurfing: 210 lbs, surfing: 200 lbs.

Height Limits
Our gear does not extend to accommodate every single height. We do have 2 sea kayaks for "tall men", but they do not work for very tall people. We asked Sam Sturman, our tallest guest ever, to write about his experience on the island; here is his explanation of how our program works for very tall people:

"I attended the adventure island trip on February 8, 2013. It was an amazing week. What is unique about my experience is my height: 6’ 9” and weight 235 lbs. and a 36 inch inseam. I wasn’t able to fit into a sea kayak because you have to sit in the seat and then put your legs in and my legs wouldn’t fold up that much. I was able to use one of Slickrock's fishing kayaks and that worked fine for paddling and going off on snorkeling adventures. I wasn’t able to do surf kayaking because my legs were too long for the kayak and my bent knees interfered with my ability to paddle. I tried using a ‘Versa Board’ that looks much like a paddleboard, but I as unable to ride the waves. I did paddle out and watched the wave surfers. If you are over 6’ 4” you are going to have to understand that your height might be a factor in certain activities.

I went to the island to snorkel, paddleboard, and sea kayak and my expectations were met. In spite of the limitations of my height, the Adventure Island trip was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I plan on returning."
Sam Sturman, Moab, UT

Adventure Island at Glover's Reef, February 2013

Group Size:
Min.-4; max.-24

$450/person, payment of deposit implies acceptance of our Reservations and Cancellations policy.

Small Trip Surcharge:
All trips have a minimum requirement of 4 adult guests; however, we will run a trip for two to three adults for a surcharge of $350/person. When you sign up for a trip, please be aware you will be charged this additional fee if fewer than four adults sign up. We will bill you two weeks prior to departure for this additional fee if it applies.

The reason for the surcharge on our Adventure Island trips is the cost of our boat out to the island. At this writing (June of 2017) gas is $6/gallon in Belize; out of pocket expenses to run our boat from Belize City to the island and back comes to $2200 US. Therefore, you can see that $700 total for two or $1050 total for three is a very good deal for the guest, as we are subsidizing your ride. We do combine guests on different packages, in other words, if two Adventure Island guests are coming out on the boat and two Adventure Island guests are leaving on the boat this negates the surcharge for all four guests. Note: the current cost to charter your own boat out of Dangriga, Belize is $700 US, and you still then have to fly to Belize City for about $80/person, so paying the small trip surcharge is still the best deal for two guests, but a little cheaper for three. Belize scuba diving-Glovers Reef

Note on Tipping

Tips should reflect your satisfaction with crew performance and are not required. Tipping is often organized as a group tip (one guest collects the entire tip from all members of the group and presents it to the trip leader at the end of the trip). The trip leader then splits the tip between all staff members. Staff members include trip managers, drivers, guides, cooks, and island caretakers, however company owners are excluded from the tip. Tips may not be put on guest credit cards, cash is required as Belize is a cash-based society. The standard in the industry for each guest is 10-15% of the trip price.


Here is an example of the breakdown of how much cash one should bring for a family. You will likely bring most of it home, but we recommend you bring at least $2400 in US dollars for a family of 4. So that you can make adjustments as you see fit, here is how we arrived at this figure. It can be extremely difficult to get cash in Belize, you definitely want to bring it with you.


-Possible boat evacuation for medical emergency - $700

-Flight to international airport if using charter boat for evacuation - $80 per person (can use credit card for this part)

-Taxi to and from airport at beginning and end of trip - $60 total

-Rum and wine, if desired - $100

-Airport exit tax - $25 per person

-Dinner last night in Belize City - $20 per person

-Breakfast last morning in Belize - $10 per person

-Tips for staff at end of trip (standard amount is 10-15% of trip cost) $225 per person

-Presents for the poor people back home who didn't get to come with you - $100

Extending Your Stay on the Island

No number of days is enough time on our island!


We do not offer individual days purchased separately. If you book two trips back-to-back (trips with overlapping overnight accommodations with Slickrock) you will receive an additional discount. Discounts are also available for return guests, kids under age 11, and groups of 4+. Visit our Discount Travel Deals page for full information. These discounts are not available for those booking through an agent eligible for commissions, only for those booking directly, and also not available in addition to any other discount.


Trip Combination
# of Nights
Days of Trip
Cost for Package, per person

Adventure Island at Glover's Reef Full Week + Adventure Island at Glover's Reef Full Week

Option 19 on Belize Travel Itineraries

16 Friday - second Saturday or Tuesday - second Wednesday $3995

Belize Adventure Week +

Adventure Island at Glover's Reef Full Week

Option 18 on Belize Travel Itineraries

15 Saturday - second Saturday $4440

Adventure Island at Glover's Reef Full Week + Adventure Island at Glover's Reef First Half

Option 17 on Belize Travel Itineraries

13 Friday - second Wednesday $3290

Adventure Island at Glover's Reef Full Week + Adventure Island at Glover's Reef Second Half

Option 16 on Belize Travel Itineraries

12 Tuesday - second Saturday $3055

Belize Adventure Week +

Adventure Island at Glover's Reef First Half

Option 15 on Belize Travel Itineraries

12 Saturday - second Wednesday $3735


Request complete information on this Belize adventure package!


Tikal Mayan ruins, Guatemala

Combining this trip with our other packages

This trip is designed to dovetail with our other packages. To see how it works to combine this package with our other packages, visit our Sample Belize Itineraries of Different Length Trips page. If you want our most active vacation, try Option #15.








Windsurf gear on Belize island vacation





Our Belize Staff

Three great guys: Apolitico Salam, Martin Ramirez and "MJ" Yacab building a new cabana in November of 2009

““The people I think really made the trip.


Charlie is an absolute pro. Safety was his #1 priority. His patience seemed endless, especially when trying to teach me to windsurf!

MJ seemed to be my go-to guy during the week - - the activities I was choosing or the group I was with usually had MJ as the lead. He was great and really puts you at ease no matter what sport or activity. Overall - - one of the most happy and genuine people I have ever met - - He is a big reason as to why I had such a great time.

Mario - -another fantastic guide - - although I did not spend as much time with him - - but he was on some of the snorkels and he was great - -  a true waterman.

The cooks - Laverne and Marcy were amazing - - they know what they are doing, do it with a smile on their face and made sure everyone had more than enough to eat. Very impressed.

Mark the boat captain did a great job making sure we were safe in the open waters going to and from Belize City.


I know there are a bunch more people behind the scenes - - the island felt safe and not once did I think about my money or passport - -that is a huge selling point in my opinion.


A most excellent adventure  - -a great time, great people and just what I needed to recharge my mental state.”

Liz Strauss, Tega Cay, SC

Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, December 2009


Questions about our kayaking trips?

Send us an email or call 800-390-5715.

We know that you will love our private island vacations!

Kids love our Belize family vacations

Kids at Glover's Reef

This trip is perfect for a family adventure vacation.There is plenty for kids to do right on shore if they are too young to paddle. Kids love exploring the new en vironment and playing on the beach.


We do not have guided activities specifically for kids. Each staff member has a full roster of duties on each trip. Our client to guide ratio is between 2 to 1 and 7 to 1, depending on the group size. This does Kids as young as 10 can become certified diversnot allow for guides to assist in the supervision that children require. Although Slickrock accepts children at a discount on trips, parents must be fully responsible for all aspects of monitoring their children. Children that have the capacity to keep up with a group of adults have a really fantastic time (and we usually set a fairly leisurely pace).


Due to safety concerns, we have set supervision procedures that parents are required to follow.


Children between the ages of 3-7 must be with one adult in their party at all times. Children between the ages of 8-10 must be within calling distance of one adult in their party at all times. Children over 11 are still under the parent’s sole supervision, but may spend time away from the supervising adult. All parents are responsible for enforcing the 21-age drinking rule (Belize law) since we use a self-service beer and alcohol system. One adult must accompany each child — single parents may not bring more than one child under 11 years of age unless hiring a babysitter — although couples may bring up to four children as long as one adult stays with the children at all times.Kids love our snorkeling tours


We do not provide child-care services, although we can help arrange a babysitter. Parents are encouraged to hire a full-time sitter to assist with supervising their kids. It will cost $25 US/day for up to 8 hours/day of babysitting. Slickrock will house (pending space) and feed the sitter at no additional cost, the only cost to the parent is paying the sitter in cash at the end of the trip ($200 US - Full Week, $125 US - First Half, $100 - Second Half). Since the sitter comes out on the boat with you, you cannot hire them for a few hours here and there, they are on call for you for the full trip. Parents may not ask any other guest not in their party to watch their children.


Parents must be fit enough to paddle their young children in a double kayak if they plan to go kayaking. Guides cannot do this as they need to be available to rescue guests and they cannot effectively do this from a double kayak. Single parents who wish to kayak alone must travel with another adult or hire a babysitter to supervise their child under 11 years of age while they kayak. Visit our Kids' Rates and Restrictions page to learn more about special prices for kids and for more about scuba restrictions for kids visit the Scuba Courses page.Batfish, our boat that takes us out to Glover's Reef, Belize


The Boat Ride

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Transfer to and from the island is one of the most crucial aspects of any island resort. We own our boat and take care of the maintenance and repair. Our boat is kept in excellent shape by our competent staff; after all, that’s how we get to the island ourselves. The importance of this aspect of the operation cannot be over-emphasized. There is no additional charge for this ride, it's included in our all-inclusive package.


Long Caye is located 35 miles off shore and 65 miles from Belize City. Our boat runs each Saturday and Wednesday and takes about 3 hours; 45 minutes of this ride is an open sea crossing between the Belize Barrier Reef and Glover’s Reef. View our map of Belize, Central America to see our route; we cross at Tobacco Caye.


It is common to experience large swells and spray over this stretch. We hire professional captains who excel in all conditions, and we are confident in the safety of our passengers. Yet some guests, while safe, may feel concerned if they are not accustomed to traveling on the open sea, and those susceptible to seasickness should take precautions. Be assured that we do monitor the weather, and we may cancel the boat trip if conditions are deemed dangerous. When this happens, (and it does) we provide other activities. Batfish interior


Our boat is 41 feet long, has 3 engines, and is covered for protection in any kind of weather. If you arrive late you will have to charter your own boat. Available boats are generally 25-28’ in length and cost about $700 (June 2017 price) for a one-way trip to Long Caye from Dangriga, Belize. We strongly recommend you fly to Belize a day early to avoid missing our boat and having to make an open-sea crossing in a small skiff. Local Belizeans do this crossing in all conditions, but you may not be used to traveling in a small boat in rough seas.


To learn more about chartering your own boat to the island visit our Belize FAQ page.

Be sure to get good snorkeling gear, you won't regret it!



Other Information You Can Order From Us

There is more information available by snail mail. Request the information sheet for this trip. This flyer also includes:


-What to do if late or delayed


-Packing list





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